Table of Contents

LRTS v. 19, no. 4, Fall 1975

Paul Shaner Dunkin: An Appreciation.

Doralyn J. Hickey

Serial Cataloging Problems: Rules of Entry and Definition of Title.

Wesley Simonton

The Current State of Standardization in the Cataloging of Serials.

Michael Gorman

AACR 6: Time for a Review.

Jim E. Cole

No Special Rules for Entry of Serials.

Michael Carpenter

AACR, 1SBD(S) and ISSN: A Comment.

Paul Fasana

Key Title and Rules for Entry.

Mary E. Sauer

CONSER: Bibliographic Considerations.

Richard Anable

Resource Sharing from the Inside Out: Reflections on the Organizational Nature of Library Networks.

Thomas F. Parker

A Pragmatic Book Allocation Formula for Academic and Public Libraries with a Test for Its Effectiveness.

William E. McGrath

Science Acquisitions and Book Output Statistics.

Jackson B. Cohen

Selective Dissemination of Information to Congress: The Congressional Research Service SDI Service.

Shirley Loo and Bruce E. Langd on

The "Trend to LC" in College and University Libraries.

Robert L. Mowery

Margaret Mann Citation, 1975: Margaret Webster Ayrault.

Margaret Webster Ayrault.

Sarah K. Vann

Esther J. Piercy Award, 1975: John D. Byrum, Jr.

John Byrum.

Robert Nedgeworth

Resources and Technical Services Division-Highlights of the 1975 Annual Conference.

Carol R. Kelm

RTSD 1976 Midwinter Meetings

Progress on Code Revision

In the Mail