Table of Contents

LRTS v. 19, no. 1, Winter 1975

The Validity of Book Price Indexes for Budgetary Projections.

H. William Axford

Book Selection Tools for Subject Specialists in a Large Research Library: An Analysis.

Geza A. Kosa

Effect of Uneven Card Distribution on a Card Catalog.

Abraham Bookstein

Subject Headings for a Local Catalog.

H. Anthony Rydings

A Classification Scheme for Publications of Intergovernmental Organizations.

Walter L. Newsome

Application of the Dewey Decimal Classification at the British National Bibliography.

Melba Davis Adams

Application of the Dewey Decimal Classification at the Library of Congress.

Robert Ross Trotter

The Phoenix Schedule 510 in Dewey 18.

Barbara K. Schaefer

Classifying Law Materials Using the Library of Congress Classification.

Suzanne Tipler

Resources and Technical Services Division: Annual Reports, 1973/ 1974

Proposed Amendments to Division Bylaws, 1974

RTSD Program Meetings at the 1975 ALA Conference in San Francisco

RTSD Board, Committee, and Discussion Group Meetings

RTSD Nominees-1975 Election

In Memoriam: Pauline Seely