Table of Contents

LRTS v. 18, no. 3, Summer 1974

The Cataloging and Classification of Music on Phonorecords-Some Considerations.

Robert Miles

The Closing of the Classified Catalog at Boston University.

Margaret Hindle Hazen

Enlarging LC Copy: A New System.

Ann K. Symons

Use of the Copy Cat Camera in Card Production at Princeton University Library.

Ann M. Murphy

Acquisitions in 1973.

J. Michael Bruer

Book Discounts and Cost-Plus Pricing.

David C. Andresen

An Empirical Rationale for the Accumulation of Statistical Information.

Robert W. Burns, Jr.

Automation at the Redstone Scientific Information Center-An Integrated System.

Jane F. Bentley and Leo J. Cooney

A Method for Quantitatively Evaluating a University Library Collection.

Barbara Golden

Interlibrary Loan Analysis as a Collection Development Tool.

Doris E. New and Retha Zane Ott

Draft Standard for the Advertising of Micropublications.

UCLA Library Task Force.

Roberta Nixon