Table of Contents

LRTS v. 17, no. 1, Winter 1973

New Editor Announced.

Connie Dunlap

Measuring Reader Failure at the Catalogue.

Carol A. Seymour and J. L. Schofield

Why Not Both?

Leslie R. Morris

The U.C.L.A. Library Catalog Supplement.

Roberta Nixon and Ray Bell

An Expansion of Library of Congress Classes PT2600-2688.

Gerda Annemarie Jones and Elizabeth H. Weeks

A Prediction Equation Providing Some Objective Criteria for the Acquisition of Technical Reports by the College or University Library.

Joan Ash, James Aldrich, and Bernard Hanes

Acquisitions of Out-of-Print Materials.

Ernest R. Perez

Media Designations.

Virginia Taylor

"Early Warning" Generic Medium Designations in Multimedia Catalogues.

Peter R. Lewis

LC Card Order Experiment Conducted at University of Utah Marriott Library.

E. Dale Cluff and Karen Anderson

Serials Cataloging: Successive Entry.

Judith Proctor Cannan

State Secrets Made Public: The Albany Plan.

Jacquelyn Gavryck and Sara Knapp

Descriptive Cataloging Committee Report, July 1970/June 1972.

Elizabeth L. Tate

RTSD Nominees-1973 Election

In the Mail


ERIC/CLIS Abstracts