Table of Contents


LRTS v. 16 no. 4, Fall 1972


Ranganathan, Shiyali Ramamrita, rao sahib 1892-1972


Reorganization of ALA/RTSD


Title Entry as Unit Entry


Jay E. Daily


Books for Establishing Chinese Personal Names


Sze-Tseng Wang


The Period Subdivision in Subject Headings


Lois Mai Chan


Concerning Subject Authority Catalogues


John McKinlay


Library of Congress Classification and Subject Headings Relating to Slavic and Eastern Europe


Waysl Veryha


Expansion of the Public Card Catalog in a Large Library


Edmund G. Hamann


Utilizing the Superintendent of Documents System Without Reclassification


Jack W. Lyle


From LC to Dewey?


Robert L. Mowery


Toward Uniformity in Exchange Communications


Isabella E. Shinn


Economics of Serials Exchanges


John E. Galejs


A Systems Approach to Improved Efficiency in Cataloging


Rose Stein


Carol A. Nemeyer


M. Ann Heidbreder


Edmond L. Applebaum


William J. Welsh


Resources and Technical Services Division: Annual Reports 1971/72


President’s Report


Barbara M. Westby


Executive Secretary’s Report


Carol R. Kelm


Acquisitions Section Report


Norman Dudley


Cataloging and Classification Section Report


Barbara A. Gates


Reproduction of Library Materials Section Report


Howard W. Cordell


Serials Section Report


Edmund G. Hamann


Council of Regionals Groups Report


Carol F. Ishimoto


Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee Report


Frances Hinton


In the Mail




ERIC/ CLIS Abstracts