Table of Contents

LRTS v. 16 no. 3, Summer 1972




Cataloging Nonbook Materials: Mountain or Molehill?


Suzanne Massonneau


The Standardization of Cataloging Rules for Nonbook Materials: A Progress Report- April 1972


Jean Riddle Weihs


The Plain J: A Documents Classification System


Mina Pease


Toward Some Standards for the Library Card Catalog


Allan Boudreau and Donald J. Yucht


Applying the Principle of Dealing With Exceptions


J. McRee Elrod


An Integrated, User-Oriented System for the Documentation and Control of Machine-Readable Data Files


John D. Byrum, Jr. and Judith Rowe


Comparative Card Production Methods


Ann Craig Turner


The Schedule of Main Subjects Proposed for Edition 7 of the Colon Classification


P. Jayarajan


Reading List of Classification Theory


Phyllis A. Richmond


Dewey 18: Another Step in the Evolutionary Process


Lois Mai Chan


In the Mail




ERIC/CLIS Abstracts