Table of Contents


LRTS v. 16 no. 2, Spring 1972


Developments in Copying, Micrographics, and Graphics Communications, 1971


Francis F. Spreitzer


The Yearís Work in Cataloging and Classification


Suzanne Massonneau


Serials Interests: 1971


Mary Pound


Acquisitions in 1971


Ashby J. Fristoe and Rose F. Myers


Africa in the Standard Classification Scheme.


Nwozo Amankwe


Automation Activities in the Processing Department of the Library of Congress


Henriette D. Avram, Lenore S. Maruyama, and John C. Rather


Filing Arrangement in the Library of Congress Catalogs


John C. Rather


A Beginnerís Guide to Library Photoduplication


Ronald F. Chap-man


In the Mail




ERIC/CLIS Abstracts