Table of Contents


LRTS v. 15 no. 4, Fall 1971


One Editor About Another


Paul S. Dunkin


Things to Come


Robert Wedgeworth


Documentation-in-Source for Library and Information Science


Hans Wellisch


Nachrichten Fur Dokumentation


Problems of the National Library of Medicine Classification for Serials


Kanchana Sophanodorn


The Form Distinction in the 800 Class of the Dewey Decimal Scheme


Lois Mai Chan


The Cataloging of Nonbook Materials: Basic Guidelines


Carl T. Cox


Access to Library Collections: Summary of a Documentary and Opinion Survey on the Direct Shelf Approach and Browsing


Richard J. Hyman


Application of the Micrographic Catalog Retrieval System in the Iowa State University Library


Dilys E. Madison


The Main Entry and the Book Catalog


Suzanne Massonneau


Copyright and the Question of Authorship


Nedjelko D. Suljak


John Phillip Immroth


Jay E. Daily


Henriette D. Avram


Josephine S. Pulsifer


Resources and Technical Services Division: Annual Reports, 1970/1971


President’s Report


C. Donald Cook


Executive Secretary’s Report


Carol Raney


Acquisition Section Report


Roma Gregory


Cataloging and Classification Section Report


Thomas E. Sullivan


Reproduction of Library Materials Section Report


Robert C. Sullivan


Serials Section Report


Doralyn J. Hickey


Regional Groups Report


Maurice E. LaPierre


Decimal Classification Editorial Committee Report


Glare E. Ryan


LRTS Editorial Changes


In the Mail




ERIC/CLIS Abstracts