Table of Contents


LRTS v. 15 no. 2, Spring 1971


Misogynists All; a study in Critical Classification


A. C. Foskett


The Treatment of the American Indian in the Library of Congress E-F Schedule


Thomas Yen-Ran Yeh


Comments on the Thomas Yen-Ran Yeh Proposals


Eugene T. Frosio


Acquisitions in 1970


Ashby J. Fristoe and Rose E. Meyers


Serials: A Review of 1970


Mary Pound


The Year’s Work in Cataloging and Classification


Phyllis A. Richmond


Developments in Photo Reproduction of Library Materials, 1970


Robert C. Sullivan


The Processing Department of the Library of Congress in 1970


William J. Welsh


A Systematic Approach to Performance Evaluation of Out-of-Print Book Dealers: The San Fernando Valley State College Experience


Betty J. Mitchell


Telefacsimile at Penn State University: A Report on Operations during 1968-1969


W. Carl Jackson


A Shelflist Conversion for Multi-Library Uses


Edward John Kazlauskas


Handling Changes in Superintendent of Documents Classification


Robert M. Simmons


RTSD Proposed Amendments to Bylaws


In the Mail


ERIC/CLIS Abstracts