Table of Contents


LRTS v. 15 no. 1, Winter 1971


Cataloging in/at Source. Why We Must Have Cataloging in Publication


Joseph L. Wheeler


CIP in mid-1970


Verner W. Clapp


Report on the Library of Congress Plans for Cataloging in Publication


William J. Welsh


Reprinting: Problems, Directions, Challenges. Introduction


Connie R. Dunlap


Scholarly Reprint Publishing in the United States: Selected Findings from a Recent Survey of the Industry


Carol A. Nemeyer


The Changing Philosophy of Reprint Publishers


Fred Rappaport


The Ethics of Reprint Publishing


Daniel C. Garrett


Microforms: Where do They Fit?


Robert F. Asleson


Reprints and the Technical Services, or, “The Age of Happy Problems”


Howard A. Sullivan


Public Service Librarians and Reprints


Eleanor Devlin


Conference on Southeast Asian Research Materials, Puntjak, Indonesia, April 21-24, 1969


Dale Alan Diefenbach


RTSD Nominees- 1.971 Election


In the Mail: Book Form Catalogs