Table of Contents


LRTS v. 14 no. 4, Fall 1970


Filing Rules for a Three-Dimensional Catalog


John Dulka and Joseph Z. Nitecki


Refiling by the Second


Lucy A. Poucher and Richard E. Moore


The Mechanization of the Filing Rules for Library Catalogs: Dictionary or Divided


Jessica L. Harris and Theodore C. Hines


More on DC Numbers on LC Cards: Quantity and Quality


John McKinlay


Reply to John McKinlay


Benjamin A. Custer


Searching MARC/DPS Records for Area Studies: Comparative Results Using Keywords, LC and DC Class Numbers


Judith A. Hudson


Indexing a Classified Catalog


Clara Hovne


The Indexing of “The Reference Shelf”


John B. White


Worn Book Checklist for Academic Libraries


Les Mattison


Library Services to University Branch Campuses: The Ohio State Experience


C. James Schmidt, Elaine K. Rast, and John Linford


Dewey and Religion


Robert N. Bioadus


Schrettinger on Class and the Subject Heading: A Note on Early Nineteenth-Century Thinking


Sidney L. Jackson


Dr. S. R. Ranganathan


Pauline Atherton


John B. Corbin


Mary Pound


Regional Groups Report


Marian Sanner


Resources and Technical Services Division: Annual Reports, 1969/1970


President’s Report


W. Carl Jackson


Acquisitions Section Report


Connie R. Dunlap


Cataloging and Classification Section Report


Esther D. Koch


Reproduction of Library Materials Section Report


Samuel M. Boone


Serials Section Report


Betty J. Meyer


Executive Secretary’s Report


Carol Raney


Council of Regional Groups Report


Marian Sanner


Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee Report


Frances Hinton


ERIS/CLIS Abstracts