Table of Contents


LRTS v. 14 no. 3, Summer 1970


Modern Manuscripts: A Functional Approach


Amy Wood Nyholm


Book Form Catalogs: A Listing Compiled from Questionnaires Submitted to the Book Catalogs Directory Subcommittee, ALA, 1968


ALA-RTSD Book Catalogs Committee


Centralized Processing: A Directory of Centers


Donald D. Hendricks


1969 Microfilm Rate Indexes


Robert C. Sullivan


Acquisition Policy for University Libraries: Selection or Collection


Betty J. Meyer and John T. Demos


The Long-Term Effects of Approval Plans


Marion Wilden-Hart


Computers and Acquisitions: The Experiences of the Library at the State University of New York at Binghamton


Gwynneth H. Bishop


Recataloging a College Score and Phonorecord Collection


Robert W. Wienpahl


The Use of Conventional Headings in the Cataloguing of Primary Legal Material: A Rebuttal of D. Dean Willard’s Argument


Charles B. Corbet




D. Dean Willard


The Bibliographer’s Camera at Arizona State University Library


Donald W. Jackson and Joel A. Benedict


Catalogue Retrieval: A Library Economy


William Ready


Another Look at Manual Sorting and Filing: Backwards and Forwards


Barton R. Burkhalter and La Verne Hoag


“Official Use” Trend in the Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications  


Philip Van De Voorde


Functional Organization Plan for Technical Services


Larry Auld


ERIS/CLIS Abstracts