Table of Contents


LRTS v. 13 no. 1, Summer 1969


Nonprofessionals and Cataloging: A Survey of Five Libraries


Joseph A. Rosenthal


The resources and Technical Services Division of ALA


Norman D. Stevens


Some Administrative Aspects of Blanket Ordering


Ian W. Thom


Some Administrative Aspects of Blanket Ordering: A Response


Harriet K. Rebuldela


Rejoinder to a Response


Ian W. Thom


Cooperative Acquisitions of Latin American Materials


Mrs. Marietta Daniels Shepard


Producing Card Copy from Book Catalogs with the Xerox Model 4 Camera


Eugene Petriwsky and Joe Hewitt


A Study of an Inventory


Pamela Bluh


1966 Microfilm Rate Indexes


Robert C. Sullivan


Acquisition Trends- 1968


Abigail Dahl-Hansen and Richard M. Dougherty


The Year’s Work in Cataloging – 1968


Margaret W. Ayrault


1968: A Summary Treatment of the Year in Serials


Robert D. Desmond


Developments in Reproduction of Library Materials and Graphic Communications, 1968


Robert C. Sullivan


ERIC/CLIS Abstracts