Table of Contents


LRTS v. 13 no. 2, Spring 1969


The Bibliographer in the Academic Library


Robert P. Haro


An Acquisitionist Looks at Mr. Haro’s Bibliographer


Helen Welch Tuttle


The Processing Department of the Library of Congress in 1968


William J. Welsh


An Argument Against the Use of Conventional Headings in the Cataloging of Primary Legal Sources


D. Dean Willard


The Value of the Kirkus Service for College Libraries


Walter R. Stubbs and Robert N. Broadus


Optimum Distribution of Centrally Processed Material


Fred J. Heinritz and James C. Hsiao


Commercial Processing Firms: A Directory


Barbara M. Westby


Directory of Commercial Processing Firms


Regional Groups Report


Jane Ross Moore


Tribut to Mrs. Rodell


RTSD Proposed Amendments to Bylaws


ALA Rules for Filing Catalog Cards: Differences between 2nd and 1st Editions (Arranged by 2 d ed. Rule Numbers)


In the Mail


Report on Preliminary Considerations of the Committee for the Use of Audiovisual Materials in Libraries