Table of Contents


LRTS v. 13 no. 1, Winter 1969


The New Rules in Action: A Symposium Introduction


C. Donald Cook


ALA to AA – An Obstacle Race


Pauline A. Seely


Anglo-American Cataloging Rules: Selection and Form of Entry


Carolyn A. Small


Headings for Corporate Bodies


Frances Hilton


Film Cataloging at the Library of Congress


Katharine W. Clugston


The Future of Telefascimile in Libraries: Problems and Prospects


Harold G. Morehouse


LC and BG: Friendship without Marriage


A. Robert Rogers


An Investigation of Indirect Subdivision by Place in Library of Congress Subject Headings


James A. Coen


Simplified Classification and Cataloging of Microforms


Joseph Z. Nitecki


Philosophy and Practice of Phonorecord Classification at Indiana University


Dominique-Rene de Lerma


Organization of Recorded Sound


Mary Jane Sunder


Optimum Allocation of Technical Services Personnel


Fred J. Heinritz


University Library Arrearages


George Piternick


The Colorado Academic Libraries Book Processing Center Study. Introduction


Richard M. Dougherty


The Colorado Academic Libraries Book Processing Center Project Time Study Methodology


Lawrence E. Leonard


Analyzing Acquisitions and Cataloging Costs


Joan M. Maier


Cost Analysis Studies in Libraries: Is There A Basis for Comparison?


Richard M. Dougherty


From the Editor’s Desk: Elizabeth Rodell


Nominees for 1969 Election