Table of Contents


LRTS v. 12 no. 4, Fall 1968


The Age of Cronin: Aspects of the Accomplishment of John W. Cronin, Library of Congress, 1925-1968


Verner W. Clapp


Depository Libraries: The Out-Houses of the Government’s In-formation Transfer System


Clifton Brock


Efficacy of Citation Indexing in Reference Retrieval


Theodore S. Huang


The Jordan Plastic Book Box: A New Concept in Library Storage and Circulation


Robert Jordan and Catherine Blumenfeld


RTSD in the Age of Change


Margaret C. Brown


Paul S. Dunkin


Ruth French Carnovsky


RTSD Annual Reports, 1967/1968


David C. Weber, Felix Reichmann, Dorothy Ladd, William S. Budington, William H. Huff