Table of Contents


LRTS v. 12 no. 2, Spring 1968


A Symposium on Approval Order Plans and the Book Selection Responsibilities of Librarians


Perry D. Morrison, LeRoy C. Merritt, Joseph P. Browne, Stanley A. Shepard


Emerging Problems in Acquisitions


Richard M. Dougherty, Elenora Alexander, Allie Beth Martin, Katherine M. Brubeck


Disorganized for Use


Ira W. Harris


The Cataloging Procedure Manual as a Teaching Device


Doralyn J. Hickey


Acquisitions in 1967


Abigail Dahl-Hansen and Richard M. Dougherty


The Year’s Work in Cataloging- 1967


C. Donald Cook


Serial Observations - 1967


William H. Hug


Developments in Reproduction of Library Materials Sc Graphic Communication, 1967


Alien B. Veaner


Proposed Amendments to RTSD Bylaws and Acquisitions Section Bylaws


RTSD: Program and Objectives