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LRTS v. 12 no. 1, Winter 1968


Facsimile Transmission in Libraries: A State of the Art Survey


Sharon Schatz


The National Program for Acquisitions and Cataloging: A Progress Report on Developments Under the Title IIC of the Higher Education Act of 1965


Norman D. Stevens, Edmond L. Applebaum, Ryburn M. Ross, Keith C. Blean, Jr., and Clifton Brock


Statistics of Collection Overlap at the Libraries of the Six New England State Universities


William R. Nugent


The Use of Title-Page Photography in Cataloging


Philip J. Weimerskirch


In the Mail: RTSD


John M. Dawson

Logical Flow Charts and Other New Techniques for the Administration of Libraries and Information Centers


C. D. Gull

C. Sumner Spalding


Richard S. Angell


Cooperative Research Facilities: One More Possibility


Michael H. Harris


Manpower Utilization in Technical Services


Richard M. Dougherty


How I Spend My Typical Day, Week, and Year: Technical Services


Laura C. Coívin


RTSD Presidentís Report, 1966/67


Wesley Simonton


RTSD Acquisitions Section Annual Report, 1966/67


Felix Reichrnann


RTSD Cataloging and Classification Section Annual Report, 1966/67


Marian Sanner


RTSD Serials Section Annual Report, 1966/67


Robert D. Desmond


RTSD Copying Methods Section Annual Report, 1966/67


Stephen R. Salmon


RTSD Council of Regional Groups Annual Report, 1966/67


Louis A. Schultheiss


Remarks on the Program of RTSD, Tune 27, 1967


David C. Weber


Report of the RTSD Executive Secretary, 1966/67


Elizabeth Rodell


Nominees for 1968/69


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