Table of Contents

LRTS v. 11 no. 3, Summer 1967


E. J. P.


Verner W. Clapp


Esther Piercy, My Friend and Colleague


Edwin Castagna


Esther Piercy and the Cataloging-in-Source Experiment


John W. Cronin


Esther J. Piercy


Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee


Cataloging and CCS: 1957-1966


Paul S. Dunkin

Ten Years of Progress in Acquisitions: 1956 - 1966


Richard M. Dougherty and Abigail McKinney

A Summary of Some Serial Activities, 1942 - 1966


William H. Huff


Technical Services in Libraries, 1956 - 1966


Maurice F. Tauber and Irlene Roemer Stephens


Developments in Copying Methods & Graphic Communication, 1966


Allen B. Veaner


The Regional Groups: Opinions of a Past Chairman


Doris Ransom


Considerations of the Adoption of the Library of Congress Classification


William J. Welsh


Some Dewey Luminaries


Benjamin A. Custer


Who Shall Survey the Surveyors?


Margaret C. Brown


Cataloging- Study and Teaching (Excerpts and Conclusions)


Laura C. Colvin


ALA Filing Rules New Edition


Pauline A. Seely


Control of Book Funds at the University of Hawaii Library


Ralph R. Shaw




Orcena Mahoney Peterson