Table of Contents


LRTS v. 11 no. 2, Spring 1967


The Union List of Serials: Third Edition


F. Bernice Field


The Consumer Survey of New Serial Titles


A. F. Kuhlman


The Mechanization of the Filing Rules for the Dictionary Catalogs of the Library of Congress


William R. Nugent


Revision of the Current Library of Congress Catalog Card Format


Henry Voos


Bridging the Gap Between Cataloging and Information Retrieval


Doralyn J. Hickey


Computer-Produced Book Catalogs: Entry Form and Content


Edward A. Weinstein and Virginia George


Automated Acquisitions Procedures at the University of Michigan Library


Connie Dunlap


The International Bookseller Looks at Acquisitions


Dominick Coppola


The Antiquarian Reprint Dealer Looks at Acquisitions


Frederick Altman


Microreproduction Information Sources


Albert Diaz


The Automatic Ordering of Replacement Titles for Libraries in Metropolitan Toronto


Evelyn Thompson and George Forrester


The National and International Standardization of Book and Periodical Publishing Statistics


Frank L. Schick


Lending to Reprinters


Reprinting Committee


Reclassification at the University of Maryland


William E. Conners


Long Files Under LC Subject Headings, and the LC Classification


Sidney L. Jackson


In the Mail: Classification


Jean M. Perreault


Predicting the Need For Catalog Expansion


Fred Heinritz