Table of Contents


LRTS v. 11 no. 1, Winter 1967


In Retrospect: RTSD 1957 - 1967


Edwin B. Colburn


The Future of RTSD 1967


Wesley Simonton


JCC/LRTS 1948-1964: One Manís View.


Theodore S. Huang


Nominees for 1967/68


F. Bernice Field


Joseph H. Treyz

Centralized Cataloging at the National and International Level


John W. Cronin, John M. Dawson, William S. Dix, and James E. Skipper

Dewey Lives


Benjamin A. Custer


Dewey Abroad: The Field Survey of 1964


Sarah K. Vann


RTSD Presidentís Report, 1956/66


Wesley Simonton


RTSD Cataloging and Classification Section Annual Report 1965/1966


C. Donald Cook


RTSD Copying Methods Section Annual Report, 1965/66


Frazer G. Poole


RTSD Serials Section Annual Report, 1965/66


Elizabeth F. Norton


Anniversary Year Reflections of the Executive Secretary


Elizabeth Rodell


Computer-Aided Centralized Cataloging at the National Library of Medicine


Irvin J. Weiss and Emilie V. Wiggins


Processing Costs for Science Monographs in the Columbia University Libraries


Paul J. Fasana and James E. Fall


Library Microfilm Rate Indexes


Robert C. Sullivan