Table of Contents


LRTS v. 10 no. 4, Fall 1966


The New Catalog Code: The General Principles and the Major Changes


F. Bernice Field


The Administrative Implications of the New Rules


Joseph A. Rosenthal


A Program for a Public Library’s Adapting to the New Code


Marian Sanner


In the Mail: Filing Problems


Theodore C. Hines


Corporate Authorship and Cultural Evolution


Ron Taylor


Library of Congress Annotated Cards for Children’s Literature


Edmond L. Applebaum


Addendum to Article on Library of Congress Annotated Cards for Children’s Literature


Patricia S. Hines


Southeastern Pennsylvania Processing Center Feasibility Study: A Summary


Sarah K. Vann


Organization for Processing at the Book Processing Center, Oak Park, Illinois


Donald Hendricks


Processing Centers for Public Libraries: A Tentative List


In the Mail: Searching


Frances Simonsen


In the Mail: Searching – Mr. Fristoe’s Answer


Solutions in Establishing a New Catalog at the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare Library


Eleanor R. Hasting


Italian Cataloging Rules


Liana Van der Bellen


List of Current State Documents Checklists


Margaret T. Lane


Structure of Indexing Authority Lists


C. D. Gull


In the Mail: Commonsense Cataloging


Norman D. Stevens


A Proposal for a Bibliographic Bank for the Province of Ontario


H. C. Campbell


Further Observations on the Use of LC Classification


Daniel Gore


Regional Groups


Doris Ransom