Table of Contents


LRTS v. 10 no. 1, Winter 1966


RTSD and the Big Wide World


Eric Moon


Library Technology and RTSD- Goals in Common


Gladys T. Piez


Acquisitions in an Age of Plenty


Marietta Chicorel


A Survey of OP Buying Practices


Shirley G. Heppell


The Selective Purchase of Out-of-Print Books: A Survey of Practices


Sarah A. Cook


Nominees for 1966/67


Swiss Book Prices: 1947-1960


An Ordering Procedure Utilizing the Xerox 914 Electrostatic Process


Richard M. Dougherty and Samuel M. Boone


The Pamphlet in the University Library


Jack King


The Economics of Book Catalog Production


Robert M. Hayes, Ralph M. Shofner, and David C. Weber


The Bitter End


Ashby J. Fristoe


In the Mail


RTSD Presidentís Report, 1964/65


Paul S. Dunkin


RTSD Acquisitions Section Annual Report, 1964/64


Alice D. Ball


RTSD Cataloging and Classification Section Annual Report 1964/65


Jennette E. Hitchcock


RTSD Serials Section Annual Report, 1964/65


Carol H. Raney


RTSD Copying Methods Section Annual Report, 1964/65


David C. Weber


Report of RTSD Executive Secretary, 1964/65


Elizabeth Rodell


RTSD Serials Section: Proposed Amendment to By-laws