LRTS Index

Volume 40, 1996

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  1. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  2. titles—or articles and of articles about which letters were published
  3. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals are identified by"(about)"; letters are identified by"(c)".

Reviews are indexed by name of reviewer and by subject of the work reviewed, identified by "(r)". They are also listed by title under the heading "Books reviewed."

Entries are arranged word by word following the "file-as-spelled" principle. Numbers are arranged before alphabetical characters; acronyms without internal punctuation are arranged as words.

Subject headings are based on ASIS Thesaurus of Information Science and Librarianship, edited by Jessia L. Milstead (Medford, N.J.: Published for the American Society for Information Science by Learned Information, Inc., 1994).

Paging of Volume 40


Access points: 211-36

Acquisition of library materials
——automation in: 301-18
——management of: 237-50
——staff costs: 301-18

"Acquisitions Management in Changing Times" 237-50

"Acquisitions of Hard-to-Find Backfiles of Chinese Periodicals from the People's Republic of China" 62-65


Bensman, Stephen J.: 145-70

Bibliographic records
——core records: 251-60
——tables of contents in: 133-38

Bibliographic utilities: 327-33

"Bibliographic Utilities and Latin American Collections" 327-33

—— of music materials: 33-40

"Binding Conventions for Music Materials" 33-40

Book numbers, see Cutter numbers

Book reviews
——Academic Libraries as High-Tech Gate-ways: A Guide to Design and Space Decisions (Bazillion and Braun): 188-90
——Advances in Library Automation and Networking, vol. 5 (1994) (Hewitt and Bailey, eds.): 97-99
——The Closing of American Library Schools: Problems and Opportunities (Ostler, Dahlin, and Willardson): 385-87
——Collection Management and Development: Issues in an Electronic Era (Johnson and MacEwan, eds.): 95-97
——Dewey Decimal Classification: A Practical Guide (Chan, Comaromi, and Satija): 99-101
——Digital Libraries `94: The First Annual Conference on the Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, June 19-21, College Station, Texas (Schnase, et al., eds.): 192-93
——Format Integration and Its Effect on Cataloging, Training, and Systems (Coyle, ed.): 193-95
——From A to Z39.50: A Networking Primer (Michael and Hinnebusch): 381-83
——Guide to the Use of UDC: An Introductory Guide to the Use and Application of the Universal Decimal Classification (Mcllwaine): 99-101
——Knowledge-Based Systems for General Reference Work: Applications, Problems, and Progress (Richardson): 383-85
——Managing Internet Information Services (Liu, et al.): 190-92
——Museum Librarianship: A Guide to the Provision and Management of Information Services (Bierbaum): 292-94
——Planning Global Information Infrastructure (Chen, ed.): 287-89
——Slide Collection Management in Libraries and Information Units (Sutcliffe): 93-95
——Subject Indexing: Principles and Practices in the 90s (Holley, et al., eds.): 185-88
——Technical Services Management, 1965-1990: A Quarter Century of Change and a Look to the Future (Smith and Carter, eds.): 289-92
——Video Acquisitions and Cataloging: A Handbook (Scholtz): 294-96 Borgman, Christine L.: 287-89 (r)

Butkovich, Nancy J.: 139-44, 359-68


Carpenter, Michael: 377-80

——effect of library automation on: 9-31
——experts: 343-58

——expertise in: 343-58

Chemistry materials: 145-70

Chinese materials acquisition of: 62-65

Citation analysis: 335-42, 370-74

"The Citation Maze: A Beginner's Guide" 370-74

Clack, Doris Hargrett: 197-200 (about)

Clark, Katie: 49-60

Cochrane, Pauline Atherton: 185-88 (r)

Collection development: 95-97 (r)

Collection management: 95-97 (r)

Columbia University. Libraries: 78-83

Conway, Paul: 67-77

Cutter numbers: 319-26


Davis, Stephen Paul: 381-83 (r)

Dewey decimal classification: 99-101 (r)

DeZelar-Tiedman, Christine: 203-10

Diedrichs, Carol Pitts: 237-50

Digitization of library materials: 67-77, 78-83

Digitized collections: 188-90 (r), 192-93 (r)

——citations in: 370-74

Document delivery: 267-74

"Document Delivery at the International School for Advanced Studies Library of Trieste, 1992-1995" 267-74

Dodd, David G.: 275-86

"Doris Hargrett Clack, 1928-1995: Educator, Gentle Activist, and Mentor" 197-200

Drabenstott, Karen M.: 113-32


"Editorial" 375-76

Edwards, John P.: 190-92 (r)

El-Sherbini, Magda: 319-26

Electronic discussion lists: 102 (c)

"Electronic Discussion Lists and Journals" (Reich, Brooks, Cromwell, and Wicks; July 1995): 102 (c)

Ergonomics: 84-92

"Ergonomics Programs and Activities in Research Libraries" 84-92

"Eva Verona, 1905-1996: An Appreciation" 377-80

Expert systems
——in reference work: 383-85 (r)


Ferguson, Chris: 188-90 (r)

——subject cataloging of: 203-10

Frame, Barbara: 370-74

"From Access Points to Materials: A Transaction Log Analysis of Access Point Value for Online Catalog Users" 211-36


Gertz, Janet: 78-83

Gilliland-Swetland, Luke J.: 292-94 (r)

"Grass-Roots Cataloging and Classification: Food for Thought from World Wide Web Subject-Oriented Hierarchical Lists" 275-86

Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, etc.: 203-10


"Handling Spelling Errors in Online Catalog Searches" 113-32

Holley, Robert P.: 95-97 (r)

Hong Xu: 9-31

Henderson, Kathryn Luther: 289-92 (r)


Illustrated materials
——preservation of: 78-83

"The Impact of Automation on Job Requirements and Qualifications for Catalogers and Reference Librarians in Academic Libraries" 9-31

Information infrastructure: 287-89 (r)

"Instructions for Authors" 103-4

Intercat (Internet search engine): 275-86

International School for Advanced Studies (Trieste, Italy). Library: 267-74

Internet resources
——cataloging of: 275-86
——subject access to: 275-86

Internet services: 190-92 (r)

Iowa State University: 301-18


Jeng, Ling Hwey: 343-58, 383-85 (r)

Jones, Barrett: 385-87 (r)

——citation of: 335-42
——in chemistry: 145-70


Kaplan, Michael: 171-83

Kelley, Sherry L.: 251-60


Latin American materials: 327-33

Leazer, Gregory H.: 93-101, 185-95, 287-96, 381-87

Library automation: 97-99 (r), 188-90 (r)
——effect on hiring: 9-31

Library networking: 97-99 (r)

Library of Congress subject headings
——for works of fiction: 203-10

Library schools
——closing of: 385-87 (r)

Liebscher, Peter: 192-93 (r)

Louisiana State University: 145-70

"LRTS 1995 Referees" 196

Lubiana, Lucio: 267-74

Lycos (Internet search engine): 275-86


MacLennan, Birdie: 102 (c)

Magellan (Internet index): 275-86

Mainframe Interface to Libraries Online (MILO): 211-36

MARC formats
——format integration: 193-95

Mering, Margaret: 41-48

MILO, see Mainframe Interface to Libraries Online (MILO)

Monographic materials
——acquisition of: 301-18

"Monographs Acquisitions: Staffing Costs and the Impact of Automation" 301-18

Morris, Dilys E.: 301-18 Museum libraries: 292-94 (r)

Music materials
——binding: 33-40


"Notes on Operations" 62-92, 171-83, 237-86, 343-74


OCLC Online Computer Library Center: 203-10, 251-60

Ohio State University Libraries: 319-26

Olorunsola, Richard: 262-66

Online catalogs
——searching: 113-32, 211-36
——spelling errors in: 113-32


Pennsylvania State University. Physical Sciences Library: 139-44

Poulsen, Claus: 133-38

Preservation of library materials
——by digital imagery: 67-77, 78-83

Project Open Book (Yale University): 67-77 Protocol analysis: 343-58


Rebarcak, Pamela: 301-18

Reference librarians
——effect of library automation on: 9-31

Reference services
——use of expert systems in: 383-85 (r)

"Reinstatements of Retrenched Journals at the University of Ilorin Library" 262-66

Renaud, Robert: 97-99 (r)

"Reshelving Study of Review Literature in the Physical Sciences" 139-44

——usage studies: 139-44

Rodriguez, Ketty: 327-33

Rohdy, Margaret: 289-92 (r)

Rowley, Gordon: 301-18


Schottlaender, Brian E. C.: 251-60

Science materials
——usage studies: 139-44

"Selecting Microfilm for Digital Preservation: A Case Study from Project Open Book" 67-77

"Selection for Preservation: A Digital Solution for Illustrated Texts" 78-83

Serials, see also Journals
——acquisition of, in Nigeria: 262-66
—— acquisition of, from People's Republic of China: 62-65
——title changes: 43-48
——users' locating of: 49-60

Simpson, Pamela: 41-48

Slides: 93-95 (r)

Smiraglia, Richard P.: 375-76

Smith, Stephen J.: 99-101 (r)

Snavely, Loanne: 49-60

Snow, Maryly: 93-95 (r)

Sparkman, Kathleen: 193-95 (r)

Stalker, John C.: 319-26

Stone, Alva T.: 197-200

"The Structure of the Library Market for Scientific Journals: The Case of Chemistry" 145-70

"A Study of Cutter Number Adjustment at the Ohio State University Libraries" 319-26

"Subject Access to Fiction: An Application of the Guidelines" 203-10

Subject cataloging: 185-88 (r)

——cancellation and reinstatement of: 262-66

Summer, Susan Cook: 84-92

Swanson, Edward: 389-92


Tables of contents
——in bibliographic records: 133-38

"Tables of Contents in Library Catalogs: A Quantitative Examination of Analytic Catalogs" 133-38

Technical services management of: 289-92 (r)

Technical services workstations: 171-83

"Technical Services Workstations: A Review of the State of the Art" 171-83

"Thesis and Dissertation Citations as Indicators of Faculty Research Use of University Library Journal Collections" 335-42

Tibbits, Edie: 33-40

Transaction log analysis: 211-36


"UCLA/OCLC Core Record Pilot Project: Preliminary Report" 251-60

Universal decimal classification: 99-101 (r)

University of California at Los Angeles: 251-60

University of Ilorin (florin, Nigeria) Library: 262-66

University of Iowa Libraries: 62-65

Usage studies: 359-68

"Use Studies: A Selective Review" 359-68

"Using Verbal Reports to Understand Cataloging Expertise: Two Cases" 343-58


Verbal reports: 343-58

Verona, Eva: 377-80

Video recordings
——acquisition of: 294-96 (r) cataloging of: 294-96 (r)


Weihs, Jean: 294-96 (r)

Weller, Marjorie S.: 113-32

"What Users Really Think: How They See and Find Serials in the Arts and Sciences" 49-61)

Whole Internet Catalog (Internet index): 275-86

——in technical services: 171-83

World Wide Web
——subject access to: 275-86

"The Worst of the Worst: Celebrating Twenty Years of the Worst Serial Title Change of the Year Award" 41-48

Worst Serial Title Change of the Year Award: 43-48

Wyly, Brendan J.: 211-36


Yahoo (Internet index): 275-86

Yale University Library: 67-77


Z39.50 standard: 381-83 (r)

Zhou, Peter: 62-65

Zipp, Louise S.: 335-42