LRTS Index

Volume 39, 1995

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  1. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  2. titles—or articles and of articles about which letters were published
  3. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals are identified by"(about)"; letters are identified by"(c)".

Reviews are indexed by name of reviewer and by subject of the work reviewed, identified by "(r)". They are also listed by title under the heading "Books reviewed."

Entries are arranged word by word following the "file-as-spelled" principle. Numbers are arranged before alphabetical characters; acronyms without internal punctuation are arranged as words.

Subject headings are based on ASIS Thesaurus of Information Science and Librarianship, edited by Jessia L. Milstead (Medford, N.J.: Published for the American Society for Information Science by Learned Information, Inc., 1994).

Paging of Volume 39


AACR 2, see Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2d ed.

"AACR2R Use in Canadian Libraries and Implications for Bibliographic Databases" 85-99

Academic libraries
——Employees: 410-16

Acquisitions (of materials): 267-73

"After Cutter: Authority Control in the Twenty-first Century" 133-41, 439-41 (c)

"Agreement and Disagreement Among Fic¬tion Reviewers in Library Journal, Book-list, and Publishers Weekly" 384-90

Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2d ed.

——Cataloging: 210-11 (r)

Archives Condition studies: 427-33
——Preservation: 417-26
——Preservation-Handbooks, manuals, etc.: 320-21 (r)

Training of: 417-26

"Are Title II-C Grants Worth It? The Effects of the Associated Music Library Group's Retrospective Conversion Project" 167-76

Articles (in titles): 291-92

Associated Music Library Group: 167-76

Atkinson, Ross: 79-84

Auld, Lawrence W. S.: 101-9

Authority control: 133-41, 439-41 (c)


B.H. Blackwell Ltd.: 359-83

Baird, Brian J.: 410-16

"The Bibliographic Control of Foreign Monographs: A Review and Baseline Study" 29-42

Bibliographic databases
——Canada: 85-99

Bibliographic records
——Availability: 345-57

Bilindex: 229-37

Blackwell North America, Inc.: 359-83

Boettcher, Cheryl M.: 321-22 (r)

"Book Deterioration and Loss: Magnitude and Characteristics in Ohio Libraries": 394-408

Book reviews
——A.V. in Public and School Libraries: Selection and Policy Issues (Hughes and Katz, eds.): 101-2
——Cataloging and Classification: An Intro¬duction, 2d ed. (Chan): 321-22
——The Classification of Fiction: The Development of a System Based on Theoretical Principles (Beghtol): 102-4
——Electronic Access to Information: A New Service Paradigm (Chiang and Elkington, eds.): 106-9
——The Future is Now: The Changing Face of Technical Services (OCLC Symposium, 1994): 435-37
——Future Libraries: Dreams, Madness, and Reality (Crawford and Gorman) 437-38
——Languages of the World: Cataloging Issues and Problems (Joachim, ed.): 105-6
——Outsourcing Cataloging, Authority Work, and Physical Processing: A Checklist of Considerations (ALCTS, Commercial Technical Services Committee): 435-37
——Publishing in the Information Age: A New Management Framework for the Digital Era (Eisenhart): 106-9
——Recruiting, Educating, and Training Librarians for Collection Development (Johnson and Intner, eds.): 434-35
——Resource Sharing: New Technologies as a Must for Universal Availability of Information (Helal and Weiss, eds.): 209-10
——RLG Archives Microfilming Manual (Elkington, ed.): 320-21
——Standards for Archival Description, A Handbook: Information Systems, Data Exchange, Cataloging, Finding Aids, Authority Control, Editing and Publishing, Statistics (Walch, comp., for Working Group on Standards for Archi-Subject Analysis and Indexing: Theoretical Foundation and Practical Advice (Fugmann) (LRTS, 38, no. 3 (July 1994)): 323-29 (c), 329-31 (c)
——Video Collections Development in Multi-type Libraries: A Handbook (Handman, ed.): 211-12

Booklist: 384-90

——Condition studies-Ohio: 394-408
——Loss of-Ohio: 394-408

Books in Print Plus: 117-32

Books Out-of-Print Plus: 117-32

Boomgaarden, Wesley L.: 394-408

"Breaking New Ground in Fostering Preservation: The Society of American Archivists' Preservation Management Training Pro-gram" 417-26

"British National Bibliography Machine Read-able Cataloging Currency Survey" 345-57

Brooks, Connie: 303-19

Budd, John M.: 142-52


Calhoun, John C.: 53-77

Callahan, Daren: 153-65

Cann Casciato, Daniel: 439-41 (c)

CARL Systems: 221-28

"CARL UnCover2 or Faxon Finder? A Comparison of Articles and Journals in CARL UnCover2 and Faxon Finder" 221-28

——Training of: 153-65

——Study and teaching: 153-65
——Textbooks: 321-22 (r)

Cataloging in publication
——United Kingdom: 345-57 CD-ROM: 117-32

Chapman, Ann: 345-57

Chicano library materials
——Cataloging: 229-37

CIP, see Cataloging in publication

Citation analysis: 53-77

Clark, Tom: 23-28

"Classification and Shelflisting as Value Added: Some Remarks on the Relative Worth and Price of Predictability, Serendipity, and Depth of Access" 294-302

Classification: 294-302
——Textbooks: 321-22 (r)

"Closing the Loop: How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Going?" 267-73

Collection development Study and teaching: 434-35

The Concept of Inadequacy in Uniform Titles" 238-46

Connaway, Lynn Silipigni: 142-52

Copy cataloging
——Outsourcing: 359-83

Cornell University: 294-302

Cromwell, Willy: 303-19


Danowski, James A.: 247-64

Daugherty, Robert Allen: 247-64

Demas, Samuel: 275-90

Document delivery: 221-28


East European library materials Acquisition: 5-21

EDI, see Electronic data interchange "EDUEDIFACT" 180-83

"Educators and Practitioners Reply: An Assessment of Cataloging Education" 153-65

Electronic data interchange: 180-83

"Electronic Discussion Lists and Journals: A Guide for Technical Services Staff 303-19

Electronic lists
——Bibliography: 303-19

Electronic publications: 106-9 (r)
—— Collection development: 275-90

Electronic publishing
——Costs: 23-28

"End-User Understandings of Subdivided Subject Headings" (Franz, et al.: LRTS, 38, no. 3 (July 1994)): 331-32 (c)

Exchanges, see Gifts and exchanges


Faxon Finder (Electronic document delivery system): 221-28

Fecko, Mary Beth: 101-2 (r)

——Classification: 102-4 (r)
——Reviews: 384-90

Foreign library materials
——Cataloging: 29-42, 105-6 (r)

Fugmann, Robert: 323-29 (c)


Garrison, William A.: 102-4 (r)

Gertz, Janet: 198-208

Gifts and exchanges: 5-21

Gossen, Eleanor A.: 43-52


Haynes, Douglas: 427-33

Hinton, Frances: 213-14 (about)

Holt, Janifer: 221-28

Howarth, Lynne C.: 85-99, 184-97

——Research: 79-84

"Humanities Scholarship and the Research Library" 79-84


"In Memoriam: Beth J. Shapiro, 1946-1995" 442-43

"In Memoriam: Frances Hinton, 1922-1994" 213-14

Information access: 106-9 (r)

Initial articles, see Articles (in titles)

Inman, Ruth A.: 167-76

"Instructions for Authors" 111-12

Internet: 275-90

"The Internet and Collection Development: Mainstreaming Selection of Internet Re-sources" 275-90

"An Investigation of the Use of an Online Catalog: User Characteristics and Transaction Log Analysis" 142-52

Irving, Suzanne: 43-52

Ivey, Bob: 105-6 (r)


Jenkins, Fred W: 210-11 (r)


Kochtanek, Thomas R.: 142-52


Lawrence, Gregory: 275-90

Leazer, Gregory H.: 29-42, 209-12, 320-22, 434-41

LeBlanc, Jim: 294-302

——Future of: 437-38 (r)

Library Journal: 384-90

Library materials
——Condition studies: 427-33
——Condition studies-Ohio: 394-408

Library science
——Electronic publications-Bibliography: 303-19

Listservs, see Electronic lists "Lost Articles: Filing Problems with Initial Articles in Databases" 291-92

"LRTS 1994 Referees" 215


MacLeod, Judy: 153-65

Marner, Jonathan: 238-46

McDonald, Peter: 275-90

McKinney, Janet: 209-10 (r)

Media centers: 101-2 (r)

——Handbooks, manuals, etc.: 320-21 (r)

Miller, David: 435-37 (r)

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: East-West Exchanges 1960-1993" 5-21

"Motivating Student Employees: Examples from Collections Conservation" 410-16

Mowery, Robert L.: 229-37

Music materials: 167-76

Myall, Carolynne: 106-9 (r)


National libraries
——United Kingdom: 345-57

"National Library Bibliographic Record Availability: A Long-Term Survey" 345-57

Nelson, David: 238-46

New York State Program for the Conservation and Preservation of Library Research Materials: 198-208

Nielsen, Ralph: 291-92

Nisonger, Thomas E.: 117-32

"Nonbook Materials: Their Occurrence and Bibliographic Description in Canadian Libraries" 184-97

Nonprint media: 101-2 (r)
——Canada: 184-97
——Cataloging-Canada: 184-97

"Notes on Operations" 85-99, 180-208, 267-319, 410-33

"Notes on Research" 79-84


O'Neill, Edward T.: 394-408

Olsen, Margaret S.: 5-21

"On the Cost Differences between Publishing a Book in Paper and in the Electronic Medium" 23-28

Online catalogs, see OPACs

——Use: 142-52
——User studies: 247-64

Out of print publications: 117-32

Outsourcing: 359-83, 435-37 (r)

"Outsourcing Copy Cataloging and Physical Processing: A Review of Blackwell's Outsourcing Services for the J. Hugh Jackson
Library at Stanford University" 359-83

"Ownership versus Access and Low-Use Periodical Titles" 43-52


Palmer, Joseph W.: 384-90

Paul, Sandra K.: 180-83

Perreault, J. M.: 331-32 (c)

Physical processing of library materials Outsourcing: 359-83

Preservation of library materials
——New York: 198-208

Pro-Cite (Computer software): 427-33

"Pro-Cite for Library and Archival Condition Surveys" 427-33

Processing of library materials, see Physical processing of library materials Public libraries: 101-2 (r)

Publishers Weekly: 384-90

——Costs: 23-28

Pyle, Jan M.: 291-92


Reich, Vicky: 303-19

Reid, Marion T.: 267-73

Research libraries: 79-84

Resource sharing: 209-10 (r)

Retrieval effectiveness: 247-64

Retrospective conversion: 167-76

Rohdy, Margaret: 29-42


Schmidt, Karen A.: 221-28, 434-35 (r)

School libraries, see Media centers Serial publications: 53-77
——Use studies: 43-52

"Serials Citations and Holdings Correlation" 53-77

Shapiro, Beth J.:442-43 (about)

Shelflisting: 294-302

Society of American Archivists.
——Preservation Management Training Program: 417-26

Stanford University: 359-83

Student employees
——Motivation: 410-16

"Subject Cataloging of Chicano Literature" 229-37

Swanson, Edward: 213-14, 444-48

Swartzell, Ann: 320-21 (r)


Technical services
——Future of: 435-37(r)

"Ten Years of Preservation in New York State: The Comprehensive Research Libraries" 198-208

Title II-C grants: 167-76

——Adequacy of: 238-46

Transaction logs: 142-52


UnCover2 (Electronic document delivery system): 221-28

Uniform titles: 238-46

University of Illinois at Chicago: 167-76, 247-64

"The Use of CD-ROM to investigate the In-Print/Out-of-Print Subject Patterns for Books" 117-32

"User Persistence in Displaying Online Cata¬log Postings: LUIS" 247-64


Video recordings
——Collection development: 211-12 (r)


Walter, Virginia A.: 437-38 (r)

Walters, Tyler O.: 417-26

Weihs, Jean: 85-99, 184-97, 211-12 (r)

Weinberg, Bella Hass: 329-31 (c)

Wiberley, Stephen E., Jr.: 247-64

Wicks, Scott: 303-19

Wilson, Karen A.: 359-83


Younger, Jennifer A.: 133-41