LRTS Index

Volume 38, 1994

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  1. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  2. titles—or articles and of articles about which letters were published
  3. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals are identified by "(about)"; letters are identified by "(c)".

Reviews are indexed by name of reviewer and by subject of the work reviewed, identified by "(r)." They are also listed by title under the heading "Books reviewed."

Entries are arranged word by word following the "file-as-spelled" principle. Numbers are arranged before alphabetical characters; acronyms without internal punctuation are arranged as words.

Paging of Volume 38


AACR 2, see Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2d edition

"AACR2R: Dissemination and Use in Canadian Libraries" 179-89

"AACR2R Format Preferences in Canadian Libraries" 306-15

Academic libraries: 133-38, 257-66, 106-7 (r)

Acetate film
——Storage: 201-2

——Budgets: 426-27 (r)

"Acquisitions from Yugoslavia's Successor States" 47-55

Adelphi University: 293-305

"Adult Fiction in Medium-Sized U.S. Public Libraries: A Survey" 149-60

AIC, see American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

ALCTS, see Association for Library Collections & Technical Services

American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group: 281-87

Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2d edition, 1988 revision
——Electronic version: 190-94
——Format of text: 306-15
——Use-In Canada: 179-89, 306-15

Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, Policy and Planning Committee, Subcommittee on Contract Negotiations for Commercial Reproduction of Library and Archival Materials: 72-85

Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, Reproduction of Library Materials Section, Copying Committee, Subcommittee on Preservation Photocopying Guidelines: 288-92

Audio books, see Spoken-word recordings

Audiovisual materials
——Cataloging: 119-31

Auld, Lawrence W.S.: 97-107, 199-203, 316-26, 425-30

Authority records: 429-30 (r)


Backlogs: 7-15, 64-71

Ballard, Terry: 293-305

Benson, Mary Margaret: 102-3 (r)

Berger, Pearl: 316-17 (r)

Bibliographic manifestations: 227-55, 355-72

Bibliographic records
——Standards: 415-24

Bibliographic works: 227-55, 415-24

Biggins, Michael: 47-55

——Repair: 281-87

Books reviewed
——Audio Book Breakthrough: A Guide to Selection and Use in Public Libraries and Education (Hoffman and Osteyee): 316
——Cooperative Cataloging: Past, Present, and Future (Baker, ed.): 425-26
——Declining Acquisitions Budget: Allocation, Collection Development, and Impact Communication (Lee, ed.): 426-27
——Electronic Style: A Guide to Citing Electronic Information (Li and Crane): 199-201
——Emerging Virtual Research Library (Schiller, comp.): 97-98
——The Evolving National Information Network: Background and Challenges. A Report of the Technology Assessment Advisory Committee to the Commission on Preservation and Access (Van Houweling and McGill): 316-17
——Guide to Technical Services Resources (Johnson, ed.): 427-29
——Hiring Library Employees: A How-To-Do-lt Manual (Rubin): 317-18
——If We Build It: Scholarly Communications and Networking (North American Serials Interest Group; 7th Annual Conference; McMahon, Palm, and Dunn, eds.): 98-100
——Impact of Technology on Resource Sharing: Experimentation and Maturity (Wilson, ed.): 98-100
——International Cooperation in the Field of Authority Data: An Analytical Study with Recommendations (Bourdon): 429-30
——Introduction to Cataloging and Classification, 8th ed. (Taylor): 108 (c)
——IPI Storage Guide for Acetate Film (Image Permanence Institute): 201-2
——Libraries and the Future: Essays on the Library of the Twenty-First Century (Lancaster, ed.): 318
——Managing the Economics of Owning, Leasing, and Contracting Out Information Services (Woodsworth and Williams): 100-101
——Multicultural Acquisitions (Parish and Katz, eds.): 318-21
——The Nation's Great Library: Herbert Putnam and the Library of Congress, 1899-1939 (Rosenberg): 321-22
——Opportunity 2000: Understanding and Serving Users in an Electronic Library (Helal and Weiss, eds.): 101-2
——Popular Culture and Acquisitions (Ellis, ed.): 102-3
——Preservation in Libraries: A Reader (Harvey): 322-23
——Preservation in Libraries: Principles, Strategies, and Practices for Libraries (Harvey): 322-23
——Research Libraries: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Welsh, ed.): 323-24
——Serials Cataloging: Modern Perspectives and International Developments (Cole and Williams, eds.): 103-5
——Special Collections Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines (A Model Plan for the Management of Special legal Collections) (Anglim): 202-3
——Subject Analysis and Indexing: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Advice (Fugmann): 324-26
——Training Paraprofessionals for Reference Service: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians (McDaniel and Ohles): 105-6
——University Libraries and Scholarly Communication (Cummings, et al.): 106-7

Bosnian materials
——Acquisition: 47-55

Bril, Patricia L.: 343-53

Budd, John M.: 343-53

Burton, Pamela: 106-7 (r)


Camden, Beth Picknally: 64-71

Casey, Diane Dates: 317-18 (r)

Cataloging copy
——Availability of: 56-59, 60-63

"Cataloging Electronic Texts: The University of Virginia Library Experience" 403-13

"Cataloging in the 1990s: Managing the Crisis (Mentality)" (James D. LeBlanc; Oct. 1993): 108 (c), 108-9 (c)

Chinese materials
——Cataloging copy for: 60-63

"A Citation Comparison of Sourcebooks for Audiovisuals to AVLINE Records: Access and the Chief Source of Information" 119-31

Collection analysis: 133-38, 149-60

Collection development policies: 333-41

Collection management
——Study and teaching: 343-53

"Collection- or Archival-Level Description for Monograph Collections" 139-47

Collection-level cataloging: 139-47

"Comparative Results of Two Current Periodical Use Studies" 373-88

"Comparative Searching Styles of Patrons and Staff" 293-305

Continuing education: 195-98

"Contract Negotiations for the Commercial Microform Publishing of Library and Archival Materials: Guidelines for Librarians and Archivists" 72-85

"Controlling a Cataloging Backlog; or, Taming the Bibliographical Zoo" 64-71

Cook, C. Donald: 327-28 (about); 327 (port.)

Cooper, Jean L.: 64-71

Cooperative cataloging: 425-26 (r)

Cooperative Cataloging Council: 415-24

"The Core Record: A New Bibliographic Standard" 415-24

Croatian materials
——Acquisition: 47-55

Cromwell, Willy: 415-24

"Crossing Subject Boundaries: Collection Management of Environmental Studies in a Multi-Library System" 333-41


DeFelice, Barbara: 333-41

Descriptive cataloging
——Chief source of information: 119-31
——Simplification: 17-26
——Standards: 415-24

"Digital-to-Microfilm Conversion: An Interim Preservation Solution" (Oct. 1993): 87-95 (erratum)

"The Documentation of Electronic Texts Using Text Encoding Initiative Headers: An Introduction" 389-401

Doutt, Margaret E.: 321-22 (r)

Drabenstott, Karen M.: 213-26

Duke, John K.: 190-94


East European materials: 47-55
——Acquisitions: 47-55

"Education for Collection Management: Results of a Survey of Educators and Practitioners" 343-53

Electronic libraries: 101-2 (r)

Electronic publications
——Style manuals: 199-201

Electronic texts
——Cataloging: 389-401; 403-13

"Empirical Analysis of Literature Loss" 133-38, 431-34 (c), 434-35 (c)

"End-User Understanding of Subdivided Subject Headings" 213-26

Environmental studies materials: 333-41


Fiction collections: 149-60

Fiels, Margie Epple: 318 (r)

——Storage: 201-2

Fiscella, Joan B.: 267-73

Folmsbee, Mark: 202-3 (r)

Franz, Lori: 213-26

Frost, Carolyn O.: 108 (c)


Gaynor, Edward: 403-13

Geer-Butler, Beverley: 105-6 (r)

Gertz, Janet: 201-2 (r)

Giordano, Richard: 389-401

Graham, Peter S.: 109 (c)

Grandinette, Maria: 281-87

"Guidelines for Preservation Photocopying" 288-92


Harris, Carolyn: 207 (about)

Hearn, Stephen S.: 429-30 (r)

Hecker, Margaret Prentice: 103-5 (r)

Henderson, William T.: 322-23 (r)

"Hidden Classification in Library of Congress Subject Headings for Judaica" (Bella Hass Weinberg, Oct. 1993): 110 (erratum)

Holley, Robert P.: 427-29 (r)

Hoover Institution Library: 267-73

Hopkins, Judith: 425-26 (r)

Howarth, Lynne C.: 179-89, 306-15


"In Memoriam: Carolyn Harris, RTSD President, 1988-1989" 207

"In Memoriam: Donald C. Cook, RTSD President, 1970-1971" 327-28, 435 (erratum)

"Independent Office Collections and the Evolving Role of Academic Librarians" 267-73

Indexing: 324-26 (r)

Information delivery systems: 100-1 (r)

Information networks: 316-17 (r)

"Instructions for Authors" 111-12

——Use in technical services: 169-77

"The Internet and Technical Services: A Point Break Approach" 169-77


Japanese materials
——Cataloging copy for: 60-63

Jeng, Judy: 97-98 (r)

Judaic studies materials: 133-38

Jude, Suzann: 213-26


Kenney, Anne R.: 87-95


Lanier, Don: 426-27 (r)

Latin American materials
——Cataloging copy for: 56-59

LCCDG, see American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group

Leazer, Gregory H.: 27-46

LeBlanc, Jim: 109-10 (c)

Legal materials
——Special collections: 202-3

——Future studies: 318 (r)

"The Library Collections Conservation Discus¬sion Group: Taking a Comprehensive Look at Book Repair" 281-87

Library networks: 98-100 (r)

Library of Congress
——History: 321-22 (r)

Library of Congress subject headings
——Subdivisions: 213-26

Library personnel
——Hiring: 317-18 (r)

"Library Processing Practices by Discipline: Are Some Books More Equal than Others?" 161-67

Library Resources & Technical Services: 27-46

Lloyd, Kim: 7-15

"LRTS 1993 Referees": 205-6


Macedonian materials
——Acquisition: 47-55

MacLeod, Judy: 7-15

Manifestations, see Bibliographic manifestations

"Manifestations and Near-Equivalents: Theory, with Special Attention to Moving-Image Materials" 227-55

"Manifestations and Near-Equivalents of Moving Image Works: A Research Project" 355-72

Marker, Rhonda J.: 17-26

McCombs, Gillian M.: 169-77

Microform publications
——Contracts: 72-85

"Minnesota Opportunities for Technical Services Excellence (MOTSE): An Innovative Program for Technical Services Staff"195-98

Mohr, Deborah A.: 257-66

Monographic publications
——Cataloging: 139-47

Montenegran materials
——Acquisition: 47-55

Motion pictures, see also Moving image materials

MOTSE, see Minnesota Opportunities for Technical Services Excellence

Moving image materials: 227-55, 355-72

Multicultural materials
——Acquisitions: 318-21 (r)

Music materials
——Cataloging: 7-15

Myall, Carolynne: 98-100 (r)


National Library of Medicine, Audiovisual Online data log: 119-31

Naylor, Maiken: 373-88

Nevin, Susanne: 195-98

Nisonger, Thomas E.: 318-21 (r)

"Notes on operations" 47-85, 169-98, 267-315, 389-401, 403-13, 415-24


OCLC/AMIGOS collection analysis system: 133-38

OCLC Online Union Catalog: 133-38, 275-79

Office library collections: 267-73

Online catalogs
——Searching: 293-305


"The Page Price of Popular Fiction and Nonfiction Books: An Exploratory Study" (William C. Robinson; Oct. 1993): 108-9 (c)

Page, Mary: 161-67

Palowitch, Casimir J.: 199-201 (r) Paraprofessionals

In reference services-Training: 105-6 (r)

Personal libraries: 267-73

Photocopying for preservation purposes
——Guidelines: 288-92

Place of publication
——In catalog records: 17-26

Popular culture materials
—— Acquisition: 102-3 (r)

Powell, John: 213-26

Preservation of library materials: 322-23 (r)
——Guidelines: 288-92

——Time studies: 161-67

Public libraries
——Collection analysis: 149-60

Putnam, Herbert: 321-22 (about) (r)


"The Quality and Timeliness of Chinese and Japanese Monographic Records in the RLIN Database" 60-63


Reagor, Melinda Ann: 17-26, 161-67

Reference services: 105-6 (r)

"Reflecting the Maturation of a Profession: Thirty-Five Years of Library Resources & Technical Services" 27-46

Research libraries: 323-24 (r)
——Collections: 133-38

Resource sharing: 98-100 (r)

Rinaldo, Constance: 333-41

RLIN: 56-59, 60-63, 161-67


Sack, Nancy: 267-73

Saunders, Laverna: 101-2 (r)

Saunders, Richard: 139-47

Scholarly communication: 98-100 (r), 106-7 (r)

Schuneman, Anita: 257-66

Schwartz, Charles A.: 133-38

Schwartz, Tony, see Schwartz, Charles A. Scilken, Marvin H.: 108-9 (c)

Serbian materials
——Acquisition: 47-55

Sercan, Cecilia S.: 56-59

Serial publications
——Cataloging: 103-5 (r)
——Use studies: 373-88

Seymour, Viveca S.: 275-79

SGML, see Standard Generalized Markup Language

Sigler, Ron: 316 (r)

Silverman, Randy: 281-87

Singerman, Robert: 431-34 (c)

Slovenian materials
——Acquisition: 47-55

"Slow Revolution: The Electronic AACR2" 190-94

Smiraglia, Richard P.: 27-46

Sound recordings: 316 (r)

Special collections: 202-3

Spoken-word recordings: 316 (r)

Standard Generalized Markup Language: 190-94, 403-413

State University of New York at Buffalo, Science and Engineering Library: 373-88

"A Study of Music Cataloging Backlogs" 7-15

Subject cataloging: 324-26 (r)

Subject headings
——Environmental studies: 333-41

Subdivisions in: 213-26

"A Survey of East European Monographic Records in the OCLC Database": 275-79

Swanson, Edward: 436-40

Sweetland, James H.: 149-60


Team cataloging: 257-66

"Team Cataloging in Academic Libraries: An Exploratory Survey" 257-66

Technical services Bibliography: 427-29 (r)
——Continuing education in: 195-98

Text Encoding Initiative: 389-401

Time studies: 161-67 Tsao, Jai-hsya: 60-63


University of California at Los Angeles, Film and Television Archive: 355-72

University of Illinois at Chicago: 267-73

University of Virginia, Library: 64-71, 373-88


"Variation in Place of Publication: A Model for Cataloging Simplification" 17-26

Videorecordings, see also Moving image materials

Virtual libraries: 97-98 (r)


Weihs, Jean: 179-89, 306-15

Weimer, Katherine Hart: 119-31

Weinberg, Bella Hass: 324-26 (r), 431-34 (c)

"Where Has All the Copy Gone? Latin American Imprints in the RLIN Database" 56-59

Works, see Bibliographic works


Yee, Martha M.: 227-55, 355-72

Young, Arthur P.: 100-101 (r), 323-24 (r)

Yugoslavian materials
——Acquisition: 47-55