LRTS Index

Volume 37, 1993

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  1. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  2. titles—or articles and of articles about which letters were published
  3. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals are identified by "(about)"; letters are identified by "(c)".

Reviews are indexed by name of reviewer and by subject of the work reviewed, identified by "(r)." They are also listed by title under the heading "Books reviewed."

Entries are arranged word by word following the "file-as-spelled" principle. Numbers are arranged before alphabetical characters; acronyms without internal punctuation are arranged as words.

Paging of Volume 37


AACR, see Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules

"Academic Library Collection Development and Management Positions: Announcements in College & Research Libraries News from 1980 through 1991," 134-46

Acquisition of library materials, 255-60, 105-6 (r) Bibliography, 257-60

"Acquisitions Problems from Poland and Russia: Update on Causes and Potential Solutions," 211-19

Agricultural materials
——Preservation of, 426-35

Alan, Robert, 403-13

'The Anabasis from Analog to Digital Escalates: The Year's Work in the Reproduction of Library Materials, 1992," 323-34

Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2d ed. 1988 revision, 114-15 (r)
——Online access to, 87-95

Archival materials
——Preservation of, 108-9 (r), 109-10 (r), 115-16 (r)

"Are We on Equal Terms Yet? Subject Headings Concerning Women in LCSH, 1975-1991" 181-96, 457 (c)

Artificial intelligence, 263-64, 97 (r)

Auld, Lawrence W. S., 97-117, 236-48, 444 56, 112 (r)

Authority control, 265-66

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, 19-44


Barshall, Henry, 127-33 (about)

Benson, Mary Margaret, 113-14 (r)

Bibliographic records
——Enhancement of, 167-80

Bibliographical databases
——Duplicate records in, 59-71

Boccaccio, Mary, 104-5 (r), 238-39 (r)

Book prices, 351-68

Bookdealers, 105-6 (r), 243-44 (r), 454-55 (r)

Books Reviewed
——Advances in Library Resource Sharing. Vol. 2, 1991 (Cargill and Graves, eds.), 238
——Advances in Library Resource Sharing. Vol. 3, 1992 (Cargill and Graves, eds.), 238
——Advances in Preservation and Access. Vol. 1, 1992 (Higginbotham and Jackson, eds.), 238-39
——Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (Clinic on Library Applications of Data Processing, 1990; Lancaster and Smith, eds.), 97
——Bibliographic Access to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts (Stevens, ed.), 240
——Cataloging Heresy (Weinberg, ed.), 240-42
——Cataloging Unpublished Nonprint Materials (Urbanski), 444-45
——CD-ROM Local Area Networks (Desmarais, ed.), 97-99
——A Changing World (North American Serials Interest Group; McMahon, Palm, and Dunn, eds.), 242-43
——Collection Assessment: A Look at the RLG Conspectus (Wood and Strauch, eds.), 437-38 The Collection Building Reader (Sellen and Curley, eds.), 99
——Collection Management for the 1990s (Branin, ed.), 446-47
——Collection Management: A New Treatise (Osburn and Atkinson, eds.), 99-101
——Dewey Decimal Classification, 20th Edition: A Study Manual (Comaromi), 101-2 Enhancing Access to Information (Tyckoson, ed.), 102
——A Hybrid Systems Approach to Preservation of Printed Materials (Willis), 447-48
——Information and Information Systems (Buck land), 236-38
——Interfaces for Information Retrieval and Online Systems (Dillon, ed.), 106-7
——Introduction to Cataloging and Classification (Downing and Downing), 448-49
——Introduction to Cataloging and Classification, 8th ed. (Taylor), 107-8
——Libraries and Archives: Design and Renovation with a Preservation Perspective (Swartz-burg and Bussey), 108-9
——A Library, Media, and Archival Preservation Handbook (DePew), 109-10
——Making Sense of Journals in the Life Sciences (Stankus), 449-51
——Making Sense of Journals in the Physical Sciences (Stankus), 449-51
——Managing Acquisitions and Vendor Relations (Miller), 243-44
——Managing Technical Services in the 90s (Racine, ed.), 110-11
——Materials Budgets in ARL Libraries (Johnson), 111-12
——The Multimedia Library, 3d ed. (Cabeceiras), Networks, Open Access, and Virtual Libraries (Clinic on Library Applications of Data Processing, 1991; Sutton and Davis, eds.), 455-556 (r)
——Nitrate Won't Wait (Slide), 112
——The Online Catalog: A Critical Examination of Public Use (Peters), 102-3
——Organizing Knowledge, 2d ed. (Rowley), 451-53
——Origin, Content, and Future of AACR2 Revised (Smiraglia, ed.), 114-15
——Preservation of Library and Archival Materials (Pfliegler, ed.), 115-16
——Preserving Libraries for Medieval Studies (Jordan, ed.), 112-13
——Redesigning Library Services (Buekland), 103-4
—— Retrospective Conversion (Schottlaender, ed.), 453-54
——RLG Preservation Microfilming Handbook (Elkington, ed.), 104
——Teaching Technologies in Libraries (Macdonald, et al.), 116-17
——Technical Services in Libraries (Leonhardt, ed.), 105
——Vendor Evaluation and Acquisitions Budgets (Lee, ed.), 454-55
——Vendors and library Acquisitions (Katz, ed.), 105-6

Bourke, Thomas A., 323-34

Browsing in library collections, 197-209

Budgets, 111-12 (r)

Byrum, John, alleged retirement of, 284, 458 (c)


Cargill, Jennifer, 103-4 (r)

Carter, Ruth C., 227-35

"Catalog Record Contents Enhancement" 167-80

"Cataloger's Workstation: Using a NeXT Computer and Digital Librarian Software for Access to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules," 87-95

——Education of, 269-70

Catalogers' workstations, 87-95

Cataloging, 423-33
——Alternative practices in, 240-42 (r)
——Simplification of, 261-63
—— Standards, 240-42 (r)
——Textbooks, 107-8 (r), 448-49 (r)

"Cataloging in the 1990s: Managing the Crisis (Mentality)," 423-33

Catalogs, 102 (r)

Catalogs, Online, see Online catalogs

——In local area networks, 97-99 (r)
——Serial publications, 337

"Characteristics of Duplicate Records in OCLC's Online Union Catalog," 59-71

"Characteristics of Subject Headings in the Library of Congress BOOKSM Database," 47-58

Classification, 197-209, 282-83; see also Dewey decimal classification
——Textbooks, 107-8 (r), 448-49 (r)

"A Closer World: A Review of Acquisitions Literature, 1992," 255-60

Collection development, 299-313, 99 (r), 437-38 (r)
——Bibliography, 307-13
——Positions in, 134-46

Collection management, 99-101 (r), 446-47 (r)
—— Positions in, 134-46

College & Research Libraries News, 134-46

Connell, Tschera H., 449-49 (r)

Contents notes in bibliographic records, 167-80

Conway, Martha O?Hara, 47-58

"A Cooperative Cataloging Project between Two Large Academic Libraries," 221-25

Cooperative cataloging, 221-25

"Cooperative Preservation of State-Level Publications: Preserving the Literature of New York State Agriculture and Rural Life," 434-43

Copyright, 324-26

Cornell University, 380-94, 434-43

Crosby, Ellen, 451-53 (r)

Cybulski, Walter, 434-43


Demas, Samuel, 434-43

Descriptive cataloging, 261-75
——Bibliography, 270-75

Dewey decimal classification, 101-2 (r)

Digital computer output microfilm, 327-28, 380-401

Digital Librarian (Software), 87-95

"Digital-to-Microfilm Conversion: An Interim Preservation Solution," 380-401

Document delivery, 324-26

Doutt, Margaret E., 112-13 (r)

Drewes, Jeanne M., 315-22


"An Electrifying Year: A Years Work in Serials, 1992," 335-42

Electronic publishing, 324, 336-37

Elrod, J. McRee, 246-47 (c)

Epple, Margie, 238 (r)

Expert systems, 263-64, 97 (r)


——Preservation of, 112 (r)

Frost, Carolyn O., 457-58


Geology materials
——Preservation of, 73-85

German publications Acquisition of, 415-22

German, Lisa, 255-60

Gertz, Janet, 115-16 (r)

Giral, Angela, 19-44

Gomez, Joni, 87-95

Gordon and Breach (Firm), 127-33

"The Gordon and Breach Litigation: A Chronology and Summary", 127-33


Hecker, Margaret Prentice, 242-43 (r)

Henderson, William T., 447-48 (r)

Hensley, Charlotta C., 105 (r)

Hewitt, Joe A., 110-11(r)

'The Hidden Classification in Library of Congress Subject Headings for Judaica," 369-79

Hill, Janet Swan, 97 (r)

Holley, Robert P., 102 (r)

Human-computer interaction, 106-7 (r)


Illustrative materials
——Preservation of, 73-85

Indexes and indexing, 283-85
——Consistency in, 19-44

"Indexing Overlap and Consistency between the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals and the Architectural Periodicals Index," 19-44

"Information Access with the Former East Germany: Book Procurement and Other Information Access Issues before and after Reunification," 415-422

Information retrieval, 106-7 (r), 236-38 (r), 451-53 (r)

"Instruction for Authors," 119-20

Ivey, Bob, 101-2 (r)


Jakubs, Deborah, 99 (r), 445-46(r)

Jeng, Judy, 106-7 (r), 455-56 (r)

Jenkins, Fred W, 240 (r)

Johnson, Richard D., 446-47 (r)

Judaica materials
——Subject headings for, 369-79


Kenney, Anne R., 380-401

Kiegel, Joseph, 221-25

Kilton, Thomas, 415-22

Knutson, Gunnar, 261-75

Kohberger, Paul B., Jr., 227-35


Lanier, Don, 99-101 (r)

LANs, see Local area networks

LeBlanc, James D., 423-33

Lee, Hur-Li, 147-66

Lehmann, Stephen, 299-313

——Space utilization in, 147-66
——Use studies, 197-209

Library instruction, 116-17 (r)

Library networks, 7-17, 455-56 (r)

Library of Congress subject headings, 47-58, 181-96, 369-79

Library of Congress Subject Headings in Jewish Studies (Galron), 369-79

Library positions
——Advertising of, 134 46

Library science, 103-4 (r)

"'The Library Space Problem, Future Demand, and Collection Control," 147-66

Life sciences materials, 449-51 (r)

"Linking Successive Entries Based Upon the OCLC Control Number, ISSN, or LCCN," 403-413

Local area networks, 97-99 (r)

Losee, Robert M., 197-209


Machine-Readable Cataloging, 264-65

Marks, Ken, 97-99 (r), 108-9 (r)

Medieval materials
——Cataloging of, 240 (r)

Medieval studies materials
—— Preservation of, 112-13 (r)

Microfilming for preservation, 326-27, 380-401, 104-5 (r)

——Cataloging, 328-29
——Standards, 327

Micropublishing, 326

Myall, Carolynne, 243-44 (r)

Myers, Nancy, 111-12 (r)


New York State Library, 434-443

NeXT Computers, 87-95

Nisonger, Thomas E., 105-6 (r), 449-51 (r)

Nitrate film
——Preservation of, 447-48 (r)

Nonbook materials
——Acquisition of, 113-14 (r)
——Cataloging of, 268-69, 444-45 (r)

"Notes on Operations," 211-35, 415-43

"Notes on Research," 87-95


OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. Online Union Catalog-Duplicate records in, 59-71

O'Neill, Ann L., 127-33

O'Neill, Edward T, 59-71

Online catalogs, 102-3 (r)
——Subject headings in, 285-89

Oskins, W. Michael, 59-71


"Page Price of Popular Fiction and Nonfiction Books: An Exploratory Study," 351-68

Photocopying, 324-26

Physical science materials, 449-51 (r)

Polish publications
——Acquisition of, 211-19

"Preservation Needs of Oversized Illustrations in Geology Master's Theses," 73-85

Preservation of library materials, 315-22, 434-43, 104-5 (r), 108-9 (r), 109-10 (r), 112 (r), 112-13 (r), 115-16 (r), 238-39 (r), 447-48 (r)
——Bibliography, 318-22
——Cooperative programs, 434-43

Publishers and publishing Trials, litigation, etc., 127-33


Rast, Elaine K., 114-15 (r), 453-54 (r)

'The Relative Shelf Location of Circulated Books: A Study of Classification, Users, and Browsing," 197-209

Renaissance materials
——Cataloging of, 240 (r)

Reproduction of library materials, 323-34
—— Bibliography, 330-34

Research Libraries Group, see RLG Conspectus Resource sharing, 238 (r)

Retrospective conversion, 266-67, 453-54 (r)

Rice, Karen, 102-3 (r)

Riddick, John F., 335-42

RLG Conspectus, 445-46 (r)

Robinson, William C., 131 46, 351-68

Rogers, Margaret N., 181-96

Rogers, Sally A., 59-71

Rondestvedt, Karen, 211-19

Russian publications
—— Acquisition of, 211-19


San Diego State University Library, 167-80

Sandberg-Fox, Ann M., 444-45 (r)

Schellinger, Merry, 221-25

Schmidt, Karen, 454-55 (r)

School libraries, 7-17

"School Library Media Centers and Networks," 7-17

Scott, Sally J., 73-85

Serial publications, 335-42, 242-43 (r), 449-51 (r)
——Bibliography, 339-42
——Cataloging, 335-36
——Cataloging-Successive entries, 403-13
—— Indexing of, 19-44
——In the life sciences, 449-51
——In the physical sciences, 449-51 Prices, 338
——Prices-Surveys, 127-33
—— Subscriptions to, 227-35

Shimoguchi, Wayne, 167-80

Smiraglia, Richard P., 236-38 (r), 458 (c)

Space utilization in libraries, 147-66

Spohrer, James H., 299-313

SPSS/PC+, 227-35

Stalker, Dianne, 109-10 (r)

State government publications
—— Preservation of, 434-43

Stoffle, Carla J., 116-17 (r)

Stone, Alva T., 277-98

Subject cataloging, 277-98
—— Bibliography, 293-98

Subject headings, 283-85; see also Library of Congress subject headings
——In online catalogs, 47-58, 285-89

Successive entry in cataloging, 403-13


Taylor, Arlene G., 19-44

Technical services, 105 (r), 110-11 (r)

Technological equipment in libraries
——Instruction in use, 116-17 (r)

'That Elusive Concept of'Aboutness': The Year's Work in Subject Analysis, 1992," 277-98

Theses and dissertations Preservation of, 73-85

Thomas, Alan R., 107-8 (r)


University of Minnesota Libraries, 221-25

University of Pittsburgh, 227-35

University of Washington Libraries, 221-25

Unpublished materials
——Cataloging, 444-45 (r)

"Using SPSS/PC+ and NOTIS Downloaded Files of Current Subscription Records at the University of Pittsburgh," 227-35


Van Orden, Phyllis J., 7-17

Vellucci, Sherry L., 247-48 (c)

Virtual libraries, 455-56 (r)


Weihs, Jean, 240-42 (r)

Weinberg, Bella Hass, 369-79, 118 (c)

Weintraub, Tamara S., 167-80

"Widening Circle: Preservation Literature Review, 1992," 315-22

Wilkes, Adeline W, 7-17

——Subject headings relating to, 181-96

Wright, Dorothy, 434-43


'The Year's Work in Collection Development, 1992," 299-313

'The Year's Work in Descriptive Cataloging, 1992," 261-75


Zimmerman, Glen A., 457 (c)