LRTS Index

Volume 36, 1992

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  1. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  2. titles—or articles and of articles about which letters were published
  3. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals are identified by "(about)"; letters are identified by "(c)".

Reviews are indexed by name of reviewer and by subject of the work reviewed, identified by "(r)." They are also listed by title under the heading "Books reviewed."

Entries are arranged word by word following the "file-as-spelled" principle. Numbers are arranged before alphabetical characters; acronyms without internal punctuation are arranged as words.

Paging of Volume 36


Abrera, Josefa: 149-61

Abstracting: 117-19 (r)

Academic libraries: 115-16 (r), 116-17 (r)

Acquisition of library materials: 263-75, 519-20 (r)
——Bibliography: 270-75
——Budgets: 519-20 (r)
——Ethical issues: 245-46 (r)
——Legal issues: 245-46 (r)
——Research: 384-86

"The Acquisitions Librarian as Change Agent in the Transition to the Electronic Library" 7-20

Acquisitions librarians: 7-20

Added entries: 27-29

Analytical entries: 25-26

Anderson Rowley Information Systems: 487-503

Archival materials
——Cataloging: 244 (r)
—— MARC format: 244 (r)

"AR'S Music Thesaurus: Another View of LCSH" 487-503

Arrearages, see Backlogs

Atkinson, Ross: 7-20

Auld, Lawrence W. S.: 113-21, 243-50, 519-28

Authority management: 298-99
——Research: 000-00[Simpson, 4-51

Authority records
——MARC format: 37-58

"Automated Workstations for Professional Catalogers: A Survey of 100 Non-ARL Academic Libraries" 96-104

Automation of library services: 388-89


——Computer models: 461-69

Benson, Mary Margaret: 115-16 (r)

Bibliographic records: 24:3-44 (r)
——Dashed-on entries: 24-25
——Displays: 302-3
——Links among: 23-36
——References: 26-27

"Bibliographic Relationships: An Empirical Study of the LC Machine-Readable Records" 162-88

Bibliographic relationships: 23-36, 162-88

Bookbinding: 244-45 (r), 335

Books reviewed
——Access Services: The Convergence of Reference and Technical Services (McCombs, ed.): 524-25
——Bibliographic Access in Europe: First International Conference (Dempsey, ed.): 113
—— The Bibliographic Record and Information Technology, 2d ed. (Hagler): 243-44
——Budgets for Acquisitions: Strategies for Serials, Monographs, and Electronic Journals (Lee, ed. ): 519-20
——Cataloging Motion Pictures and Videorecordings (Olson): 113-14
——Cataloging of Audiovisual Materials: A Manual Based on AACR2 (Olson): 525-26
——Cataloging: The Professional Development Cycle (Intner and Hill, eds.): 114-15
——Collection Development in College Libraries (Hill, IIannaford, and Epp, eds.): 115-16
——Collection Management in Academic Libraries (Jenkins and Morley, eds.): 116-17
——Conference on Acquisitions, Budgets, and Collections (April 10 and 11, 1991, Minneapolis, Minnesota) Proceedings. Theme: Acquisitions or Access? (Genaway, ed.): 526-27
——Describing Archival Materials: The Use of the MARC AMC Format (Smiraglia, ed.): 244
——Disaster Planning and Recovery: A How-to-Do-It Manual for Librarians and Archivists (Fortson): 527
——Early Bindings in Paper: A Brief History of European Hand-Made Paper-Covered Books with a Multilingual Glossary (Cloonan) 244-45
——The Future of Serials: Proceedings of the North American Serials Interest Group, Inc., 5th Annual Conference ... (Rice and Robillard, eds. ): 517-28
——The Good Serials Department (Gellatly; ed.): 117
——Indexing and Abstracting in Theory and Practice (Lancaster): 117-19
——Indexing from A to Z (Wellisch): 119-20
——Information Technology and Library Management (IIelal and Weiss, eds.): 120-21
——Legal and Ethical Issues in Acquisitions (Strauch and Strauch, eds.): 245-46
——Library Cooperation and Networks: A Basic Render (Woodsworth): 246-47
——Library Material Costs and Access to Information (Lee, ed. ): 519-20
——Library of Congress Subject Headings: Philosophy, Practice, and Prospects (Studwell): 247-48
——Library Technical Services: Operations and Management. 2d ed. (Godden, ed.): 248-50
——Mannheimerk Cataloging and Classification: A Workbook. 3d ed. (Saye and McAllister-Harper): 250
——The National Research and Education Network (NREN): Research and Policy Perspectives (McClure, Bishop, Doty, and Rosenbaum): 520
——Olderr's Fiction Subject Headings: A Supplement and Guide to the LC Thesaurus (Olderr): 521
——Performance Analysis and Appraisal: A How-to-Do-It Manual for Librarians (Stueart and Sullivan): 521-22
——Scientific Journals: Improving Library Collections through Analysis of Publishing Trends (Stankus): 522-23
——Technical Services in the Medium-sized Library: An Investigation of Current Practices (Intner and Fang): 523-24
——Technical Standards: An Introduction for Librarians. 2d ed. (Crawford): 524

Brigham Young University: 105-12

British Library: 209-23

Burger, Robert II.: 461-69, 524 (r)


Carpenter, Michael: 291-315

Catalogers' workstations: 96-104

——Computer-based training: 505-15
——Education: 114-15 (r)

——Automation of: 301-2
——Cost studies: 79-96
——Organization and administration: 305-7
——Research: 389-95
——Rules-Use studies: 149-62
——Simplification: 294-96
——Standards: 296-98
——Textbooks: 250 (r), 525-26 (r)
——Time studies: 79-96, 426-40
——Workflow: 426-40

CatTutor: 505-15

"CatTutor: A Prototypical Hypertext Tutorial for Catalogers" 505-15

"Challenge, Change and Confidence: The Literature of Acquisitions, 1991" 263-75

Classification: 326-27
——Research: 395

Collection development: 277-89
——Academic libraries: 115-16 (r)
——Bibliography: 283-89

Collection management
——Academic libraries: 116-17 (r)

Comaromi, John P.: 21 (about)

"Computer-Assisted Theory Building in Library Technical Services: Toward a General Theory of Cataloging Backlog Dynamics" 461-69

"Compromises in the Management of Working Papers" 478-86

Connell, Tschera IIarkness: 523-24 (r) "Consistency in Choice and Form of Main Entry: A Comparison of Library of Congress and British Library Cataloging" 209-23 Cooperative cataloging: 303-4

Copyright: 340-41

Crosby, Ellen: 248-50 (r), 521-22 (r)


Deacidification : 333-34

Descriptive cataloging: 291-315
——Bibliography: 309-15

Digitized media
——Preservation: 335

Disaster plans: 527 (r)

Document delivery: 341

"DORS: DDC Online Retrieval System" (Liu and Svenonius, vol. 35, no. 4, Oct. 1991): 123 (c)

Doutt, Margaret E.: 244 (r)

Drabenstott, Karen M.: 411-25


Electronic library materials: 365
——Cataloging: 470-77
——Delivery: 7-20

"Enhanced Catalog Access to Fiction: A Preliminary Study" 441-59

"Enhancing Subject Access in Online Systems: The Year's Work in Subject Analysis, 1991" 316-32

"Examination of Data Elements for Bibliographic Description: Toward a Conceptual Schema for the USMARC Formats" 189-208


"Facilitating Subdivision Assignment in Subject Headings" 411-25

——Subject headings: 443, 521(r)

"Frequency of Use of Cataloging Rules in a Practice Collection" 149-61


Geer-Butler, Beverly: 522-23 (r)

Gleim, David: 114-15 (r)


Hanscom, Martha: 527 (r)

Hawks, Carol Pitts: 61-77

Hayes, Susan: 441-59

Hecker, Margaret Prentice: 117 (r)

Hemmasi, Harriette: 487-503

Hine, Betsy N.: 96-104

Hirshon, Arnold: 517-18

"The History of Linking Devices" 23-36 Ilolley, Robert P.: 113 (r)

Hypertext: 514-15


"Identifying Barriers to Effective Subject Access in Library Catalogs" (Lancaster, et al., vol. 35, no. 4, Oct. 1991): 123-24 (c)

"In Memoriam: John P. Comaromi, 1937-1991" 21

Indexing: 117-19 (r), 119-20 (r), 323-25, 325-26

Information services: 7-20

Information technology: 243-44 (r)

"Instructions for Authors" 253-54

'The Integrated Library System of the 1990s: The OhioLINK Experience" 61-77

Integrated library systems: 61-77

Interlibrary cooperation: 246-47 (r)

Ivey, Robert T.: 521 (r)


Jasper, Richard P.: 263-75

Jenda, Claudine Arnold: 426-40

Jenkins, Fred W.: 244-45 (r)

"John P. Comaromi, 1937-1991" 21

Johnson, Madeleine: 525-26 (r)

Jones, Edgar A.: 209-23


Kester, Diane D.: 246-47 (r)


Lancaster, F. W.: 252 (c); reply to, 530 (c)

Lanier, Don: 245-46 (r)

Leazer, Gregory H.: 189-208

Leonhardt, Thomas W.: 519-20 (r)

——Europe: 113 (r)

Library administration: 120-21 (r), 135-48

Library materials
—— Costs: 519-20 (r)

Library networks: 246-47 (r)
——Europe: 113 (r)

Library of Congress: 209-23

Library of Congress bibliographic records: 162-88

Library of Congress catalog cards: 426-40

"LRTS 1991 Referees" 242

Lucas, Jane: 478-86


Main entry: 299-300
——Choice of: 209-23

McCombs, Gillian M.: 13.5-48

McMillan, Gail: 470-77


Monroe, William S.: 277-89

Morris, Dilys E.: 79-95

Motion pictures
——Cataloging: 113-14 (r)

Multilevel description: 29

Music materials
——Cataloging: 487-503
——Subject access: 487-503


"The Narrow, Rugged Uninteresting Path Finally Becomes Interesting: A Review of Work in Descriptive Cataloging with Trail Marks for Further Research" 291-315

National Agricultural Library: 505-15

National Research and Education Network: 520 (r)

Nonbook materials
——Cataloging: 525-26 (r)

"Notes on Operations" 470-86

"Notes on Research" 487-515

NREN, see National Research and Education Network


OCLC bibliographic records
——Variations in: 224-14

OhioLINK (Ohio Library and Information Network): 61-77

Online catalogs
——Subject access: 319-23

Osmus, Lori L.: 250 (r), 524-25 (r)


Palmer, Judith Lee: 116-17 (r)

——Deterioration of: 105-12
——Quality: 333-34

Pearson, Glenda J.: 339-59

Performance appraisal: 521-22 (r)[3-4]

Personal names
——Variations in access points: 224-41

"p11: Only a piece of the Preservation Puzzle: A Comparison of the Preservation Studies at Brigham Young, Yale, and Syracuse Universities" 105-12

Photocopying: 341

——Preservation: 335

Preservation of library materials: 333-38, 341-42
—— Bibliography: 335-38
——Research: 395-97

"The Preservation of Library Materials in 1991: A Review of the Literature" 333-38

"President's Report, Association for Library Collections & Technical Services" 517-18

Pritts, Susan: 478-86


"Redefining the Library: The Year's Work in Collection Development, 1991" 277-89

Reference services: 524-25 (r)

Reproduction of library materials: 339-59
——Bibliography: 344-59

"The Reproduction of Library Materials in 1991" 339-59

Retrospective conversion: 304-5

Riemer, John J.: 361-73

Rinehart, Constance: 247-48 (r)

"A Rising Sense of Urgency: The Year's Work in Serials, 1991" 361-73, 530 (c)


Sandberg-Fox, Ann M.: 113-14 (r)

Saunders, Lavema: 121-21 (r)

Schmidt, Karen A.: 526-27 (r)

Scott, Nancy Schell: 527-28 (r)

Serial publications: 361-73, 522-23 (r), 527-28 (r)
——Automation of control of: 366
——Bibliography: 368-73
——Cataloging and classification: 365-66
——Indexing: 366
——Research: 397-98

Serials departments: 117 (r)

Shaw, Debora: 149-61

Simpson, Charles W.: 383-410

Sokol, Christina: 520 (r)

Soules, Aline: 478-86

"Staff Time and Costs for Cataloging" 79-95

Subject cataloging: 316-32
——Research: 387-88, 398-400

Subject headings
——Geographic subdivisions: 411-25

Subject headings, Library of Congress: 247-48 (r)

Swanson, Edward: 531-35

Syracuse University: 105-12


Tamblyn, Eldon: 119-20 (r)

Taylor, Arlene G.: 224-41, 316-32

"Technical Processing of Electronic Journals" 470-77

Technical services: 523-24(r)
——Bibliography: 403-7
——Costs: 400-401
——Organization and administration: 135-48, 248-50 (r), 400-401, 523-24 (r)
——Research: 383-410

"Technical Services in the 1990s: A Process of Convergent Evolution" 135-48

"Technical Services Research, 1988-1991" 383-410

Technical standards: 524 (r)

Thesauri: 325-26
——Music materials: 487-503

Thomas, Alan R.: 243-44 (r),

Thomas, Sarah E.: 505-15

Tillett, Barbara B.: 23-36, 162-88

"Time and Workflow Study of the Cataloging Process Used to Evaluate Library of Congress Cardsets as a Cataloging Support Service" 426-40

Treadwell, Jane: 530 (c)

Truitt, Marc: 37-58


Uniform title entries: 29-33, 388

UNIMARC format Authorities: 37-58

USMARC formats Authorities: 37-58

Data elements: 189-208

"USMARC to UNIMARC/Authorities: A Qualitative Evaluation of USMARC Data Elements" 37-58


Variations in Personal Name Access Points in OCLC Bibliographic Records" 224-41

——Cataloging: 113-14 (r)


Wajenherg, Arnold S.: 21

Watt, Marcia A.: 333-38

Weinberg, Bella Hass: 123-24 (c)

Wellisch, Hans II.: 117-19 (r), 530 (c)

Working papers
——Cataloging: 478-86


Yale University: 105-12