LRTS Index

Volume 35, 1991

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  1. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  2. titles—or articles and of articles about which letters were published
  3. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals are identified by "(about)"; letters are identified by "(c)".

Reviews are indexed by name of reviewer and by subject of the work reviewed, identified by "(r)." They are also listed by title under the heading "Books reviewed."

Entries are arranged word by word following the "file-as-spelled" principle. Numbers are arranged before alphabetical characters; acronyms without internal punctuation are arranged as words.

Paging of Volume 35


AACR 2: 135-40; 123-24 (r), 230-31 (r)

"AACR2 Rules Used in Assigning Access Points for Books in Two Subjects" 135-40

Abbey Newsletter. 104-8

Abstracts and abstracting: 231-32 (r)
——Directories: 344-45 (r)

Academic libraries: 229-30 (r)
——Information services: 119 (r)

Access points, see Descriptive cataloging-Access points

Accounting research materials: 57-62

Acquisition of library materials: 245-54; 337-38 (r)
——Automation: 346-47 (r)
——Bibliography: 251-54
——Budgets: 87-103, 498-99 (r)
——Budgets-Allocation: 87-103; 501 (r)
——Study and teaching: 7-22

Acquisitions librarians
——Education: 7-22

Acquisitions lists: 141-47

"ALCTS Annual Reports, 1990-91" 462-69

Alkaline paper
——Periodicals: 104-8

Alkaline Paper Advocate: 104-8

Allex, Wendy: 480 (r)

Altschuler, Jean P.: 505-6 (r)

Analysis of Cataloging Copy: 65-75

"Analysis of Selection Activities to Supplement Approval Plans" 202-16

Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2d ed., see: AACR 2

Approval plans: 202-16

Archival materials: 338-39 (r)

Area studies materials
——Selection: 336-37 (r)

Arizona State University: 87-103

Armistead, Sally J.: 495-96 (r)

Arrearages: 25-32

Astle, Deana L.: 476-77 (about)

Auld, Lawrence W. S.: 229-30 (r)

"Authority Control in a Bilingual OPAC" 422-58

Authority control: 125 (r)
——Name headings: 217-28
——Subject access: 109-13; 491-92 (r)

"Automated Systems and Subcollection Designations" 170-75

Automatic cataloging: 135-40

Automation of library processes: 114-15 (r), 346-47 (r), 492-93 (r), 505-6 (r)


"Backlog Management": 25-32

Backlogs, see Arrearages

Benson, Mary Margaret: 350-51 (r)

"Best of LRTS Award, 1991" 474

Bibliographic relationships: 150-58, 393-405

Bishop, Nancy: 377-91

"Blackwell/North America Scholarship Award, 1991" 476

"Books Aren't Us?" 283-93

Books reviewed
——Abridged Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index, 12th ed. (Comaromi, et al., eds.): 339-40
——Academic Libraries (Lynch and Young, ed.): 229-30
——Advances in Library Automation and Networking. Vol. 3 (Hewitt, ed. ): 114-15
——Advances in Library Resource Sharing. Vol. 1 (Cargill and Graves, eds.): 350-51
——American Archival Analysis (Cox): 338-39
——Audiovisual Policies in ARL Libraries (Brancolini): 497-98
——Authority Control in Music Libraries (Tucker, ed.): 125
——Automated Acquisitions (Dykeman and Katz, eds.): 346-47
——Automation and Organizational Change in Libraries (Johnson): 505-6
——Automation Services for Libraries (Muro): 492-93
——Behind the Scenes at the Dynamic Library (Fox): 122-23
——Beyond the Book (Peterson and Molholt, ads.): 483-85
——Buying Serials (Basch and McQueen): 496-97
——The Cataloguer's Way through AACR2 (Piggott): 123-24
——Collection Analysis for the School Library Media Center (Doll and Barron): 491
——Commonsense Cataloging (Miller and Terwillegar): 120-21
——Computer Files and the Research Library (Johnson, et al.; Gould, ed.): 499-500
——Convergence (Gorman, ed.): 487-89
——The Decision-Making Process for Library Collections (Kovacs): 117-18
——Developments in Microcomputing (12th International Essen Symposium; Helal and Weiss, eds.): 115-16
——DOBIS/L IBIS (Brophy, at al.): 495-96
——Edition of One: 335-36
——European Library Networks (Neubauer and Dyer, eds. ): 342-43
——Evaluation and Library Decision Making (Hernon and McClure): 504-5
——Expert Systems in Libraries (Aluri and Riggs, eds.): 341-42
——The Great Divide (Kennedy and Stockton, eds.): 351-52
——Guide to Budget Allocation for Information Resource (Subcommittee on Budget Allocation, Collection Management and Development Committee, Resources Section, ALCTS; Shreeves, ed.): 501
——Guide to Review of Library Collections (Subcommittee on Review of Collections, Collection Management and Development Committee, Resources Section, ALCTS; Clark, ed.): 501
——How to Catalogue (Chapman): 230-31
——How to Interpret Statistical Data (Simpson): 348-49
——Immroth's Guide to the Library of Congress Classifi¬cation (Chan): 343
——In Celebration of Revised 780 (Wursten, comp.): 340
——The Index and Abstract Directory. 2d ed.: 344-45
——Information Needs in the Sciences (Gould and Pearce): 500-501
——Information Technology: Design and. Applications (Lane and Chisholms, eds.): 483
——Integrated Online Library Catalogs (Cargill, ed.): 503-4
——Intellectual Access to Graphic Information (Rorvig, ed. ): 485-86
——Introduction of Indexing and Abstracting (Cleveland and Cleveland): 231-32
——ISBD(CF): International Standard Bibliographic Description for Computer Files: 232-33
——Issues for the New Decade (Trezza, ed.): 490-91
——Language Distribution in Databases (Whitney): 233
——LC Romanization Tables and Cataloging Policies (Tseng, comp.): 340-41
——The Librarian, the Scholar, and the Future of the Research Library (Smith): 118-19
——Libraries, Erotica, Pornography (Cornog, ed.): 489-90
——Libraries, Networks, and OSI (Dempsey): 502-3
——Library and Information Science Research (McClure and Hernon, eds.): 493-95
——Library and Information Technology Standards (Gorman, ed.): 487-89
——Library Perspectives on NREN (Parkhurst, ed.): 233-34
——Library Systems Migration (Pitkin, ed.): 504
——Linked Systems for Resource Sharing (Sloan): 347-48
——MARC Format Integration (Gorman, ed.): 487-89
——MARC Manual (Byrne): 501-2
——Materials Budgets in ARL Libraries (Johnson): 498-99
——Micrographic Systems (Saffady): 124-25
——Music Coding and Tagging (Weitz): 234-35
——New Horizons in Information Retrieval (Ellis): 349
——Newspaper Preservation and Access (Gibb, ed.): 116-17
——Non-Book Materials in Libraries. 3d ed. (Fothergill and Butchart): 345-46
——Organizing and Managing Information Resources on Campus (Hawkins, ed.): 119
——Our Past Preserved (Hi x nbotham): 235-36
——Paper Preservation: Current Issues and Recent Developments (Luner, ed.): 480-81
——Patterns and Options for Managing Information Technology on Campus (Woodsworth): 496
——Preservation Organization and Staffing (Reed-Scott): 334-35
——Remote Storage (Steel): 499
——Scientific and Technical Literature (Walker and Hurt): 347
——Selection of Library Materials for Area Studies. Part I, Asia, Iberia, the Caribbean and Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and the South Pacific (Johns, ed.): 336-37
——The Serials Directory, 5th ed.: 481-83
——Standard Cataloging for School and Public Libraries (Intner and Weihs): 480
——Statistics (Hernon): 493-95
——Subject Analysis in Online Catalogs (Aluri, Kemp, and Boll): 479-80
——Subject Authorities in the Online Environment (Drabenstott, ed.): 491-92
——Subject Control in Online Catalogs (Holley, ed.): 119-20
——Teaching Technologies in Libraries (Macdonald, et al.): 486
——Technical Services Today and Tomorrow (Gorman and associates): 121-22
——Thomas Handbook of Quality Control for the Microfilm Industry (Thomas): 349-50
——Understanding the Business of Library Acquisitions (Schmidt, ed.): 337-38
——Using OCLC (Warwick and Jenson): 333-34 USMARC Fornicator Holdings Data (Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress): 236-38
——Videotechnology and Libraries (Gorman, ed.): 487-89

Boomgaarden, Wesley L.: 473-74

Bourke, Thomas A.: 307-18

British Library: 177-85

Brownson, Charles W: 87-103

Burbank, Richard D.: 125 (r), 234-35 (r)

Burger, Robert H.: 236-38 (r)

Buxton, David T.: 341-42 (r)

Byrd, Gary Daniell: 476 (about)


Callahan, Patrick F.: 116-17 (r)

Card catalogs
——User studies: 191-201

Cargill, Jennifer: 347 (r)

Carter, Ruth C.: 462-63

Catalog librarians: 76-86

"Catalog Librarians and Public Services-A Changing Role?" 76-86

"The Catalog of the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek as a Bibliographical Resource" 160-69

Cataloging: 120-21 (r), 230-31 (r), 480 (r)
——Rules: 393-405

Cataloging, Automatic, see Automatic cataloging

Cataloging, Cooperative, see Cooperative cataloging

Cataloging, Descriptive, see Descriptive cataloging

Cataloging, Subject, see Subject cataloging

Cataloging records
——Consistency among: 177-85
——Quality: 65-75

Catalogs, Card, see Card catalogs

Catalogs, Online, see Online catalogs

Chace, Myron B.: 186-90

Chan, Lois Mai: 470-72

Child, Margaret: 465-66

Classification, Dewey decimal, see Dewey decimal classification

Classification, Library of Congress, see Library of Congress classification

Cochrane, Pauline A.: 485-86 (r)

Cole, Jim E.: 344-45 (r), 482 (r)

Collection development: 202-16, 283-93; 117-18 (r)
——Bibliography: 291-93

Columbia University. Libraries: 33-54

Communication: 347 (r)

Computer-based systems
——Study and teaching: 486 (r)

Computer files: 499-500 (r)
——Cataloging: 232 (r)

Connell, Tschera Harkness: 191-201, 377-91

Cooperative cataloging: 406-15, 468-00

"Cooperative Cataloging of Latin-American Books" 406-15

"A Cost Model for Preservation" 33-54

"Crisis in Cataloging Revisited": 265-82


D'Andraia, Frank: 476

Dannelly, Gay N.: 467-68

"Data Sources Used in Financial Research" 57-62

Databases: 233 (r)

"Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee Annual Report" 470-72

Decision-making: 117-18 (r), 504-5 (r)

Descriptive cataloging: 257-64
——Access points: 135-40
——Bibliography: 262-64

Deutsche Staatsbibliothek: 159-69

Dewey decimal classification: 359-74, 470-72; 339-40 (r)
——Music materials: 340 (r)

Dewey Online Retrieval System: 359-74

DOBIS library system: 495-96 (r)

"DOHS: DDC Online Retrieval System" 359-74


Easterly, Ambrose: 351-52 (r), 499 (r)

"Editorial Policy" 357

"The Education of the Acquisitions Librarian" 7-22, 158 (corr.)

"Enhancing Subject Accessibility in the Online Catalog" 109-13

Epple, Margie: 170-75

Erotic materials: 489-90 (r)

Eskoz, Patricia A.: 76-86

"The Esther J. Piercy Award,,1991" 473-74

Expert systems
——Library applications: 341-42 (r)


Fecko, Mary Beth: 345-46 (r), 497-98 (r)

Financial research materials: 57-62

Format integration, see MARC formats-format integration

Fraser, Jeanie: 492-93 (r)


Gago, Mechael D.: 496-97 (r)

Garofalo, Denise A.: 486 (r)

Garrison, William: 339-40 (r)

Gertz, Janet: 334-35 (r), 480-81 (r)

Ginder, Bernice: 170-75

Graphic materials
——Cataloging: 485-86 (r)

Graves, Gail T.: 57-62

Grover, Mark L.: 406-15

Gurevich, Konstantin: 459-61


Hamaker, Charles A.: 476-77 (about)

Hanscom, Martha: 235-36 (r)

Hams, Carolyn: 33-54

Hawks, Carol Pitts: 473-74 (about)

Hayes, Joan: 464-65

Hearn, Stephen: 491-92 (r)

Heitshu, Sara: 499-500 (r)

Hensley, Charlotta C.: 493-95 (r)

Hernon, Peter: 348-49 (r)

Hewitt, Joe A.: 504-5 (r)

Hill, Janet Swan: 114-16 (r)

"History of the Abbey Publications" 104-8

Holdings records: 236-38 (r)

Holley, Robert P.: 342-43 (r)

Hopkins, Judith: 123-24 (r)

Horny, Karen L.: 347-48 (r)

Horrocks, Norman: 332 (c)


"Identifying Barriers to Effective Subject Access in Library Catalogs" 377-91

"Improving Access to New Interdisciplinary Materials" 141-47

Indexes and indexing: 231-32 (r)
——Directories: 344-45 (r)

Information retrieval
——Research: 349 (r), 493-95 (r)

Information retrieval systems
——Study and teaching: 486 (r)

Information services
——Academic libraries: 119 (r)

Information technology: 468-69 (r), 496 (r)

"Instructions for Authors" 239-40

Intner, Sheila S.: 474-76


Jackson, Mary E.: 332 (c)

Jakubs, Deborah: 117-18 (r)

Jasper, Richard P.: 346-47 (r)

Jenkins, Fred W.: 501 (r)

Johnson, Richard D.: 114-25, 229-38, 333-52, 478-506

Jones, Maralyn: 294-306


Kruger, Kathleen Joyce: 230-31 (r)


Lagasse, Carol T.: 503-4 (r)

Lambrecht, Jay H.: 257-64

Lancaster, F. W.: 377-91

Lanier, Don: 489-90 (r)

Latin American materials
——Cataloging: 406-15

Laurentian University (Sudbury, Ont.): 422-58

Lehman, Thomas: 504 (r)

Leung, Shirley: 466-67

——Organization: 505-6 (r)

Library collections
——Subcollections: 170-75

Library networks: 114-15 (r), 502-3 (r)
——Europe: 342-43 (r)

Library of Congress: 177-85
——Cataloging records: 65-75

Library of Congress classification: 343 (r)

Library processes: 122-23 (r)

Library science
——Research: 493-95 (r)
——Standards: 487-89 (r)

Linked systems: 347-48 (r)

Lisbon, Peter: 119-20 (r)

Liu, Songqiao: 359-74

Lonberger, Jana: 319-31

Losse, Arlyle Mansfield: 122-23 (r)

Losse, Carl H.: 122-23 (r)

Loup, Jean L.: 202-16

"LRTS 1990 Referees": 133-34


Mandel, Carol: 33-54, 483-85 (r)

MARC formats: 501-2 (r)
——Format integration: 487-89 (r)
——Holdings: 236-38 (r)
——Music materials: 234-35 (r)
——Subject access: 483-85 (r)

"Margaret Mann Citation, 1991" 474-76

Maxwell, Margaret F. 474-76 (about)

McCabe, Gerard B.: 332 (c)

McClaskey, Marilyn: 464

McCombs, Gilliam M.: 233-34 (r), 490-91 (r), 502-3 (r)

McCowan, Sherry: 377-91

McCrady, Ellen: 104-8

McCue, Janet: 65-75

Meador, Roy, III: 135-40

Mering, Margaret V.: 416-421

——Library use: 115-16 (r)

——Standards: 186-90

Microforms: 124-25 (r)
——Quality control: 349-50 (r)

"Modeling Library Materials Expenditure" 87-103

"More than Ten Years After" 294-306

Mueller, Carolyn J.: 416-21

MultiLIS: 422-58

Music libraries: 125 (r)

Music materials
——Cataloging: 234-35 (r)
——Classification: 340 (r)

Myers, Nancy: 498-99 (r)


Name headings, Personal: 217-28

National bibliography
——Germany: 159-69

National Research and Education Network: 233-34 (r)

Networks, Library, see Library networks

——Preservation: 116-17 (r)

Newton, Frank: 160-69

Nonbook materials: 345-46 (r), 497-98 (r)

Nonroman languages: 340-41 (r)

"Notes on Operations" 104-8, 109-13, 459-61

NREN, see National Research and Education Network


OCLC: 333-34 (r)

OCLC database: 459-61

Ohio State University: 25-32

O'Neil, Rosanna M.: 333-34 (r)

Online catalogs: 170-75, 503-4 (r)
——Authority control: 217-28, 422-58; 491-92 (r)
——Changing: 504 (r)
——Multilingual: 422-58
——Retrieval systems: 359-74
——Subject access: 109-13, 377-91; 119-20 (r), 479-80 (r), 483-85 (r), 491-92 (r)
——User studies: 191-201

Open System Interconnection: 5023 (r)

Osburn, Charles B.: 119 (r), 496 (r)

"Ours Should Be to Reason Why" 257-64

Owen, Will: 160-69


——Preservation: 480-81 (r)

Paskoff, Beth M.: 474 (about)

Perrault, Anna H.: 474 (about)

"Personal Name Variations" 217-28

Pikoff, Howard: 141-47

Pith, Daniel V.: 340-41 (r)

"Please, Sir, I Want Some More": 245-54

Pontius, Jack E.: 124-25 (r)

Pornographic materials: 489-90 (r)

Porter, Katherine: 500-501 (r)

Potter, William Gray: 114-15

Power, Eugene B.: 335-36 (about, r)

"Preservation Microfiche" 186-90

Preservation of library materials: 294-306; 501 (r)
——Bibliography: 303-6
——Costs: 33-54
——History: 235-36 (r)
——Periodicals: 104-8
——Personnel: 334-35 (r)
——Standards: 186-90

Public libraries
——Cataloging in: 480 (r)

Public services in libraries: 76-86


Randall, Michael H.: 476-77

Rast, Elaine: 468-69, 483 (r)

Remote storage of library materials, see Storage of library materials-Remote storage Reproduction of library materials: 307-18
——Bibliography: 314-18

"The Reproduction of Library Materials in 1990" 307-18

Research Libraries Information Network, see RLIN Research libraries: 118-19 (r)

Resource sharing: 350-51 (r)
——Automation: 347-48 (r)

Richmond, Phyllis A.: 349 (r)

"The Rise in Consumerism" 319-31

RLIN: 65-75

Rogers, Sally A.: 25-32

Romanization of nonroman alphabets, see Transliteration and romanization of nonroman alphabets Russian materials: 459-61

"Russian Monographic Records in the OCLC Database" 459-61

Rutledge, John: 160-69


Saunders, Laverna M.: 121-22 (r), 126 (c)

Schmidt, Karen A.: 7-22, 158 (corr.), 245-54

School libraries
——Cataloging in: 480 (r)
——Collection development: 491 (r)

Schwartz, Candy: 232-33 (r)

Science materials: 347 (r)

——Information services: 500-501 (r)

Sellberg, Roxanne: 474-76

Serebnick, Judith: 126 (c)

Serial publications: 319-31
——Acquisition: 496-97 (r)
——Bibliography: 327-31, 482 (r)

Serials librarians: 416-21

"Serials Positions in U.S. Academic Libraries, 1980-1988" 416-21

"Serials Section Bowker/Ulrichs Serials Librarianship Award, 1991" 476-77

Shared cataloging, see Cooperative cataloging

Slater, Ron: 422-58

Smith, Elizabeth H.: 109-13

Smith, Philip M.: 120-21 (r)

Snoke, Helen Lloyd: 202-16

Sokol, Christina: 501-2 (r)

Sommerfield, David: 340 (r)

Stalker, Dianne: 338-39 (r)

Stam, David H.: 118-19 (r)

State University of New York at Buffalo: 141-47

Statistics: 348-49 (r), 493-95 (r)

Storage of library materials: 501 (r)
——Remote storage: 351-52 (r), 499 (r)

"A Study of Indexing Consistency between Library of Congress and British Library Catalogers" 177-85

Subject cataloging: 265-82; 119-20 (r)
——Bibliography: 277-82

Sullivan, David S.: 283-93

"A Summary of the Treatment of Bibliographic Relationships in Cataloging Rules" 393-405

Svenonius, Elaine: 359-74

Swanson, Edward: 508-12

Swartzell, Ann: 335-36 (r)


"A Taxonomy of Bibliographic Relationships" 150-58

Technical materials: 347 (r)

Technical services: 121-22 (r)

Thompson, Christine E.: 343 (r)

Tillett, Barbara B.: 150-58, 393-405

Tonta, Yasar: 177-85

Transliteration and romanization of nonroman alphabets: 340-41 (r)


Universities and colleges
——Automation: 496 (r)

University Microfilms International: 335-36 (r)

"User Acceptance of Library Catalog Results" 191-201

Usovicz, Eileen F.: 349-50 (r)


Van Orden, Phyllis: 491 (r)

Videotechnology: 487-89 (r)


Walton, Terence: 337-38 (r)

Weintraub, Tamara S.: 217-28

Weiss, Paul J.: 65-75

Wellisch, Hans H.: 231-32 (r), 479-80 (r)

Wilson, Marijo: 65-75

Withdrawal of library materials: 501 (r)

Wittig, Glenn R.: 135-40

Wolven, Robert: 33-54

Woody, Janet: 487-89 (r)

Wright, Arthuree McLaughlin: 336-37 (r)


Young, James Bradford: 265-82