LRTS Index

Volume 34, 1990

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  1. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  2. titles—or articles and of articles about which letters were published
  3. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals are identified by "(about)"; letters are identified by "(c)".

Reviews are indexed by name of reviewer and by subject of the work reviewed, identified by "(r)." They are also listed by title under the heading "Books reviewed."

Entries are arranged word by word following the "file-as-spelled" principle. Numbers are arranged before alphabetical characters; acronyms without internal punctuation are arranged as words.

Paging of Volume 34


AACR 2 (1978)
——Index: 393-99

AACR 2 (1988): 110-12 (r), 266-67 (r), 282-83 (r), 542 (r)
——Index: 393-99

Academic libraries
——Administration: 412-14 (r)
——Collection development: 262-63 (r)
——Missouri: 245-48
——Nigeria-Use studies: 505-8

Acquisition of library materials: 270 (r), 326-37, 408 (r)
——Bibliography: 333-37
——Study and teaching: 159-69

——Classification of materials on: 54-61 Altschuler, Jean P.: 110-12 (r)

American Council of Learned Societies: 269-70 (r)

"Analysis of a bibliographic database enhanced with a library classification" 179-98

Anglo-American cataloguing rules, 2d ed., see AACR 2 (1978)

Anglo-American cataloguing rules, 2d ed., see AACR 2 (1978)

Anglo-American cataloguing rules, 2d ed., 1988 revision, see AACR 2 (1988)

Approval plans: 367-79

Arcand, Janet L.: 139-57

Ash, Lee: 136 (c)

Asher, Richard E.: 262 (r), 408-9 (r)

"Association for Library Collections & Technical Services 1989-90
——Annual report" 511-12

Auld, Lawrence W. S.: 275-76 (r)

Authority control: 408-9 (r), 540-41 (r)

Automation of library services: 262 (r), 280-81 (r), 299-312
——Bibliography: 308-12
——England-Oxford: 231-34
——Standards: 360-66
——Training for: 251-55


Balay, Robert: 265-66 (r)

Benson, Mary Margaret: 262-63 (r), 412-14 (r)

Best books
——"Best of LRTS Award, 1990-Joe A. Hewitt" 529-30

Bibliographic instruction: 245-48

Bibliographic records
——Data elements: 409-10 (r)

——Dictionaries: 274-75 (r)

Bilesanmi, S. A.: 505-08

——Thesauri: 259-61 (r)

Bishoff, Liz: 401-5

Bloss, Alex: 102-3

Bodleian Library
——Automation: 231-34

Books reviewed
——The ACLS survey of scholars (Morton and Price): 269-70
——Acquisitions management and collection development in libraries, 2d ed. (Magrill and Corbin): 408
——Advances in serials management. Vol. 3, 1989 (Cook and Tuttle, eds.): 536-38
——Australian library history in context (Third Forum on Australian Library History; Rayward, ed.): 116
——Authority control: principles, applications, and instructions (Clack): 540-41
——Automated authority control in ARL libraries (Wittenbach): 408-9
——Bibliographic records: use of data elements in the book world (Dempsey): 409-10
——A bibliographical companion (Stokes, Roy): 274-75
——Binding terms: a thesaurus for use in rare book and special collections cataloguing (Standards Committee of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, ACRL/ALA): 259-61
——A brief guide to AACR2, 1988 revision, and implications for automated systems (Weihs and Howarth): 110-12
——The British Library: a guide to its structure, publications, and services (Day): 265-66 Brittle book programs (Merrill-Oldham and
Walker, eds.): 108-9
——Buying books (Eaglen): 270
——Cataloging books: a workbook of examples (Studwell and Loertscher): 407-8 Cataloging microcomputer software (Olson): 258-59
——Cataloging with copy, 2d ed. (Taylor): 114-16
——CD-ROM and other optical information systems (Eaton, MacDonald, and Saule, eds.): 124-26
——CD-ROM in the library: today and tomorrow (Duggan, ed.): 538-40
——CD-ROM technology for information managers (Elshami): 538-40
——Collection development policies for college libraries (Taborsky and Lenkowski, comps.): 262-63
——Collection management: background and principles (Wortman): 534-35
——Collection management: current issues (Shoemaker, ed.): 284-86
——Connecting with technology, 1988: microcomputers in libraries (1988 Small Computers in Libraries Conference; Nelson, ed.): 112-14
——Conservation and preservation of humanities research collections (Oliphant, ed.): 284
——Contemporary technology in libraries (Paskoff, ed.): 262
——Cost-effective technical services (Pitkin, ed.): 410-11
——Developing and maintaining video collections in libraries (Scholtz): 277-78
——Document retrieval systems (Willett, ed.): 109-10
——Electronic mail (Wilte): 116-18
——Elements of bibliography, rev. ed. (Harmon): 535-36
——Examples illustrating AACR2 1988 revision (Hunter): 542
——Getting published: the acquisition process of university presses (Parsons): 541-42
——Guide for written collection policy statements (Subcommittee on Guidelines for Collection Development, Collection Management and Development Section, ALA/RTSD/RS, Bryant, ed.): 284-86
——A guide to book publishing, rev. ed. (Smith, Datus C., Jr.): 276-77
——Guide to the evaluation of library collections (Subcommittee on Guidelines for Collection Development, Collection Management and Development Section, ALA/RTSD/RS, Lockett, ed.): 284-86
——Handbook for AACR2, 1988 revision (Maxwell): 282-83
——Indexing: the state of our knowledge and the state of our ignorance (20th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Indexers; Weinberg, ed.): 272-73
——Information access: capabilities and limitations of printed and computerized sources (Hyman): 533-34
——Intelligent interfaces and retrieval methods of subject searching in bibliographic retrieval systems (Hildreth): 267-69
——An introduction to AACR2, 3d ed.: 266-67
——Introduction to automation for librarians, 2d ed. (Saffady): 280-81
——The librarian's CD-ROM handbook (Desmarais): 122-24
——Library management and technical services (Cargill, ed.): 273-74
——The library microcomputer environment (Intner and Hannigan, eds.): 119-20
——Lines of thought (Line; Anthony, ed.): 107-8
——Local area networks in information management (Kibirige): 278-79
——Management issues in the networking environment (Johnson, ed.): 279-80
——A manual of AACR2 examples for microcomputer software with MARC tagging and coding (Olson): 258-59
——MARC for library use (Crawford): 118-19
——Media access and organization (Frost): 261-62
——Meeting the preservation challenge (Merrill-Oldham, ed.): 264-65
——Music cataloging (Smiraglia): 411-12
——National and international bibliographic databases (Carpenter, ed.): 287
——Notes in the catalog record (Saye and Vellucci): 281-82
——One hundred years of sci-tech libraries (Mount, ed.): 263-64
——The online catalogue: developments and directions (Hildreth, ed.): 286-87
——Operations handbook for the small academic library (McCabe, ed.): 412-14
——Provenance evidence: thesaurus for use in rare book and special collections cataloguing (Standards Committee of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, ACRL/ALA): 259-61
——Qualitative collection analysis (Jakubs): 266
——The reader's advisor, 13th ed., v. 4-6 (Chernow and Vallasi, eds.): 120-22
——Serials cataloging handbook (Leong): 283-84
——The serials information chain (North American Serials Interest Group 2d Annual Conference; Chatterton and Clack, eds.): 270-72
——Statistics for library decision makers (Hernon and others): 275-76
——Statewide disaster preparedness and recovery program for Florida libraries (DePew): 264-65
——Technology for the '90s: microcomputers in libraries (1989 Computers in Libraries Conference; Nelson, ed.): 544-45
——Telecommunications for information specialists (Learn): 278-79
——Toward telecommunications strategies in academic and research libraries (Kinney): 116-18
——The USMARC format for holdings and locations: development, implementation, and use (Baker, ed.): 273
——Weeding library collections. 3d ed. (Slote): 543-44

Books in Print Plus: 477-91

"Books in Print Plus as a tool for analyzing U.S. in-print monographs" 477-91

Booksellers and bookselling
——Dictionaries: 274-75 (r)

Borck, Helga: 518-19

Boss, Richard W.: 217-18

Bracken, James K.: 367-79

British Library: 265-66 (r)

Brooks, Connie: 516-18

Brugger, Judith M.: 139-57

Buxton, David T.: 116-18 (r)


Calhoun, John C.: 367-79

Callahan, Patrick F.: 281-82 (r)

Card catalogs, see Catalogs, Card

Cargill, Jennifer: 541-42 (r)

"The catalog librarian-change or status quo?" 380-92

Catalog librarians, see Cataloging-Personnel Cataloging Personnel: 95-99, 380-92
——Study and teaching-Handbooks, manuals, etc.: 407-8 (r)

"Cataloging and Classification Section 1989-90

"Cataloging and Classification Section 1989-90 annual report" 513-14

"Cataloging conference proceedings" 44-53

"Cataloging Ottoman Turkish personal names" 62-78

Catalogs, Card
——Accuracy in: 24-35

Catalogs, Online: 286-87 (r)
——Accuracy in: 24-35
——Linking: 217-18
——Subject access: 179-98, 267-68 (r), 273 (r)

CD-ROM: 538-40 (r)
——Library use: 122-24 (r), 124-26 (r)

Censorship: 7-8, 12-23

"Censorship and librarians" 7-8

Chan, Lois Mai: 103-5

Classification, Dewey decimal: 54-61, 103-5
——Use in online catalogs: 179-98

Classification, Library of Congress: 54-61

Cochrane, Pauline A.: 423-31

Cole, Jim: 287 (r)

Collection analysis: 199-215, 266 (r), 284-86 (r)

Collection development: 326-37, 408 (r), 433-43
——Bibliography: 333-37, 440-43
——Policies: 262-63 (r), 284-86 (r)

Collection evaluation, see Collection analysis Collection management: 284-86 (r), 534-35 (r)

College libraries, see Academic libraries

Compact Disc Read Only Memory, see CD-ROM

"A comparison of online and card catalog accuracy" 24-35

Computer files
——Cataloging: 258-59 (r)

Computer interfaces Standards: 217-28, 360-66

Conference publications
——Cataloging: 44-53

Conway, Cheryl L.: 536-38 (r)

Cook, Jean G.: 528-29 (about); 528 (port.)

Copy cataloging: 114-16 (r)

"Council of Regional Groups 1989-90 annual report" 514-16

Coyne, Fumiko H.: 493-503

Crosby, Ellen: 542 (r)


Databases: 287 (r)

Davidson, Mary Wallace: 411-12 (r)

Davis, Susan: 313-25

"Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee annual report July 1, 1988-June 30, 1989" 103-5

"The delicate balance, standards vs. customization" 133

Delsey, Tom: 234-40

Demeyer, Anh N.: 179-98

Descriptive cataloging: 338-49
——Automation: 240-45
——Bibliography: 346-49
——Notes: 281-82 (r)

Dewey decimal classification, see Classification, Dewey decimal

Dewey Decimal Classification Online Project: 179-98

Disaster plans: 264-64 (r)

Douglas, Jacqueline A.: 283-84 (r)

Drabenstott, Karen Markey: 179-98


Easterly, Ambrose: 263-64 (r)

"Education for acquisitions: a history" 159-69

Elrod, J. McBee: 135 (c)

Eskoz, Patricia A.: 380-92

"Esther J. Piercy Award, 1990-Jan Merrill-Oldham" 523-24


Finn, Margaret: 139-57

Firestein, Kenneth L.: 367-79

"Form subdivisions and genre" 36-43

"From Columbus to computers" 231-34

Fujimoto, Jan Dee: 12-23


Garofalo. Denise A.: 261-62 (r); 538-40 (r)

Geer-nutter, Beverley: 273 (r)

Gerckens, Jeffrey: 179-98

Gertz, Janet: 108-9 (r)

Glasby, Dorothy J.: 80-87

Gorman, Michael: 526-28

Gwinn, Nancy E.: 88-94


Hagler, Ronald: 524-26 (about); 525 (port.)

Hanscom, Martha: 264-65 (r)

Hearn, Stephen S.: 350-59; 540-41 (r)

Hensley, Charlotta C.: 410-11 (r)

Hernon, Peter: 109-10 (r)

Hewitt, Joe A.: 526-28 (about); 527 (port.); 530; 529-30 (about)

Hirshon, Arnold: 118-20 (r)

"Historical background and review of serials cataloging rules" 80-87

Hodge, Stanley: 527 (port.)

Holdings statements
——MARC formats: 273 (r)

Holley, Robert: 534-35 (r)

Hopkins, Judith: 118-19 (r)

Horny, Karen L.: 280-81

Humanities materials Preservation: 284 (r)


"In memoriam: remembering Elizabeth Rodell" 296

"The indexes to AACR2 and its 1988 revision" 393-99

Indexing: 272-73 (r)

Information retrieval: 109-10 (r), 267-69 (r)

Intner, Sheila S.: 11 (c), 135 (c), 136 (c); 527 (port.)
——Censorship and librarians: 7-8
——The delicate balance: 100-1
——Looking back, looking forward: 295-96

"Involvement in bibliographic instruction among technical services librarians in Missouri academic libraries" 245-48


Jacoby, Beth: 407-8 (r)

Jakubs, Deborah: 408 (r)

Jenkins, Fred W.: 116 (r), 266 (r), 284-86 (r)

"Job analysis" 401-5

John, Nancy R.: 511-12; 523 (port.); 530 (port.)

Johns, Cecily: 519-21; 527 (port.)

Johnson, Richard D.: 107-26, 257-87, 407-14, 533-45

Johnston, Sarah Hager: 136 (c)

Juergens, Bonnie: 11 (c)


Kaplan, Denise P.: 299-312

Kershner, Lois M.: 251-55

Kesse, Erich J.: 467-75

Knutson, Gunnar: 24-35

Koger, Ellen: 286-87 (r)

Kovacic, Ellen Siegel: 528-29; (port.)


Lather, Don: 543-44 (r)

Laning, Melissa: 258 (c)

Lawson, V. Lonnie: 245-48

"LCC, DDC, and algae" 54-61

Lehman, Thomas: 283-83 (r)

——Australia-History: 116-18 (r)

Library materials
——Weeding: 542-44 (r)

Library networks: 278-79 (r), 279-80 (r)

Library of Congress classification, see Classification, Library of Congress

Library of Congress rule interpretations: 258 (c)

Library of Congress subject headings: 228-30

Library personnel
——Training: 251-55

Library research and writing: 171-77

Library science
——Research: 171-77

Library service:12-23

Library statistics: 275-76 (r)

Library use studies
——"The limits of a title proper, or, One case showing why human beings, not machines, must do cataloging" 240-45

Line, Maurice B.: 107-8 (r)

"Linked systems and the online catalog" 217-28

Linked Systems Project: 217-28

"Lives of noisy desperation" 433-43

Local area networks: 278-79 (r)

Longstreth, Karl E.: 274-75 (r), 455-65

"Looking back, looking forward" 295-96

Lynch, Clifford A.: 278-79 (r)


Maccaferri, James Tilio: 62-78

Machovec, George S.: 122-24 (r), 124-26 (r)

MARC formats: 118-19 (r), 273 (r)

"Margaret Mann Citation, 1990-Ronald Hagler" 524-26

Markey, Karen, see Drabenstott, Karen Markey

Markham, James W.: 54-61

Maxwell, Margaret F.: 231-34

McCallum, Sally H.: 360-66

McCombs, Gillian M.: 279-80 (r)

McGarry. Dorothy: 44-53

McKowen, Dorothy K.:514-16

Merrill-Oldham, Jan: 523-24 (about); 523 (Port)

Microcomputer software
——Cataloging: 258-59 (r)

——Library use: 112-14 (r), 119-20 (r), 544-45 (r)

Mifflin, Ingrid: 493-503

Mitchell, Joan S.: 513-14; 525 (port.)

"Modeling an academic approval program" 367-79

——Cataloging 411-12 (r)

Myers, Nancy: 112-14 (r), 270 (r)


Names, Personal
——Ottoman Turkish: 62-78

"Networks and school library media centers" (Apr. 1989); 11 (c)

Networks, see Library networks

Nilson, Julieann V.: 114-16 (r)

Nisonger, Thomas E.: 477-91

Nonbook materials
——Cataloging: 261-62 (r)

"Notes on research and operations" 88-94, 217-48, 360-99, 505-08

Notes in bibliographic records: 281-82 (r)


Ogun State University: 505-08

Olson, Anton J.: 139-57

Olson, Nancy B.: 258 (c)

Open Systems Interconnection: 217-28, 234-40

Orr, Gloria J.: 445-54

Osburn, Charles B.: 269-70 (r)

OSI, see Open Systems Interconnection Osmus, Lori: 270-72 (r)

Ottoman Turkish names: 62-78


"A partial list of referees" 9-10

Paskoff, Beth M.: 199-215

Perrault, Anna H.: 199-215

"Personnel selection for cataloging" 95-99

Photocopiers: 445-54

Poe, Daryl T.: 179-98

"Preservation of Library Materials Section annual report" 516-18

Preservation of library materials: 108-9 (r), 264-65 (r), 284 (r), 455-65
——Bibliography: 563-65

"Preservation photocopying of bound volumes" 445-54

"The preservation of library materials in 1989" 455-65

——Thesauri: 259-61 (r)

Publishers and publishing: 276-77 (r), 541-42 (r)
—— Dictionaries: 274-75 (r)


Rapp, Joan: 95-99

Rast, Elaine K.: 273-74 (r)

"Representing a document's viewpoint in library collections" 12-23

Reproduction of library materials: 467-75
——Bibliography: 472-75

"Reproduction of Library Materials Section 1988-89 annual report" 101-2

"Reproduction of Library Materials Section 1989-90 annual report" 518-19

"The reproduction of library materials in 1989" 467-75

Resources and Technical Services Division. Preservation Microfilming History Committee: 88-94

"Resources Section 1989-90 annual report" 519-21

"Resources Section-Blackwell/North America Scholarship Award, 1990-Joe A. Hewitt" 526-28

Reynolds, Sally Jo: 171-77

Richmond, Phyllis A.: 267-69 (r), 533-34 (r)

Robinson, Nick: 36-43

Rodell, Elizabeth: 296 (about)

"The RTSD Preservation Microfilming Committee" 88-94

Ruschoff, Carlen: 338-49


Salk, Judy: 528 (port.)

Sandberg-Fox, Ann M.: 258-59 (r)

Saunders, Laverna M.: 276-77 (r)

Schenck, William: 326-37

Schmidt, Karen A.: 159-69, 433-43, 529-30; 530 (port.)

Sci-tech libraries, see Science and technology libraries

Science and technology libraries
——History: 263-64 (r)

Scilken, Marvin H.: 11 (c), 135 (c)

"The secret page" (July 1988); 135 (c)

Serial publications: 234-40, 270-72 (r), 313-25, 536-38 (r)
——Bibliography: 321-25
——Cataloging: 283-84 (r)
——Cataloging-History: 80-87
——Standards: 139-57

"Serials Section 1988-89 annual report" 102-3

"Serials Section 1989-90 annual report" 521

"Serials Section Bowker/Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award, 1990-Jean G. Cook" 528-29

"Serials standards work: the next frontier" 139-57

"Serials, links, and technology" 234-40

"Shall we throw out the technical services-and then what?" 95-99, 251-55, 401-5

"Shared authority control at the Western Library Network" 493-504

——Sampling: 199-215

Simonton, Wesley: 296

Slattery, Charles E.: 245-48

Smiraglia, Richard: 523 (port.)

Somers, Sally: 139-57

Stalker, Dianne: 284 (r)

Stain, David H.: 107-8 (r)

Stain, Deirdre C.: 259-61 (r)

"Standards and linked online information systems" 360-66

Stevens, Norman D.: 523-24

Studwell, William E.: 228-30

Subject cataloging: 350-60
——Bibliography: 357-60

Subject headings
——Codes: 228-30
——Form subdivisions: 36-43
——Genre terms: 36-43

"The subject code: two unanswered questions" 228-30

Swartzell, Ann: 101-2


Tamblyn, Eldon W.: 272-73 (r)

Technical services
——Administration: 273-74 (r), 410-11 (r)

Technology libraries, see Science and technology libraries

Telecommunications: 278-79 (r)

Thomas, Alan R.: 266-67 (r)

——Choice of: 240-45

"A tool for comparative collection analysis" 199-215

"Training people for new job responsibilities" 251-55

Tseng, Sally C.: 139-57

Tucker, Ben R.: 240-45

Turkish names: 62-78


Universal Bibliographic Control: 423-31

"Universal Bibliographic Control: its role in the availability of information and knowledge" 423-31

University libraries, see Academic libraries University presses: 541-42 (r)

"Use of the library catalogue by students at Ogun State University, Nigeria" 505-08

USMARC format: 118-19 (r)


Videorecordings: 277-78 (r)


Wadsworth, Robert Woodman: 120-22 (r); 535-36 (r)

Wajenberg, Arnold: 525 (port.)

Walsdorf, Jack: 527 (port.)

Weeding: 544 (r)

Weihs, Jean: 277-78 (r)

Weinberg, Bella Hass: 393-99

Weintraub, D. Kathryn: 95, 251, 401

Western Library Network: 493-503

Wilson, Patrick: 36-43

WLN, see Western Library Network

Woody, Janet: 544-45 (r)


"The year's work in acquisitions and collection development, 1988" 326-37

"The year's work in descriptive cataloging, 1989" 338-49

"The year's work in serials, 1989" 313-25

"The year's work in subject analysis, 1989" 350-59

"The year's work in technical services automation, 1989" 299-312

Yee, Martha M.: 44-53

Yuster, Leigh: 528 (port.)