LRTS Index

Volume 31, 1987

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  1. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  2. titles—or articles and of articles about which letters were published
  3. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals are identified by "(about)"; letters are identified by "(c)".

Reviews are indexed by name of reviewer and by subject of the work reviewed, identified by "(r)." They are also listed by title under the heading "Books reviewed."

Entries are arranged word by word following the "file-as-spelled" principle. Numbers are arranged before alphabetical characters; acronyms without internal punctuation are arranged as words.

Paging of Volume 31


Academic libraries: 123-34

Acquisition of library materials: 260-61 (r)
——Bibliography: 28 7-305

"Allocation of human resources for collection development "(Bryant, April June 1986) 95 (c), 95-96 (c)

American Society for Information Science. New England Chapter: 230

Auburn University: 231-38

"Automating the circulation services of a small library" 249-55


Basioli, Maja: 257-59 (r)

Berman, Sanford: 96 (c)

Bibliographical records
——Conversion to machine-readable form-Quality control: 148-58

Bloss, Marjorie E.: 24-34

Bolter, Jay David: 12-23

Books reviewed
——Advances in serials management (Tuttle and Cook, eds.): 259-60
——Bibliographic displays in the online catalog (Crawford): 261-62
——Cataloging rules for the description of looseleaf publications, with special emphasis on legal materials (Hallam): 257-59
——Conservation treatment procedures, 2d ed. (Morrow and Dyal, eds.): 388
——Descriptive terms for graphic materials (Zinkham and Parker, eds.): 389-91
——Human aspects of library automation (Shaw, ed): 389
——Library networks, 1986-87 (Martin): 262
——Organizing nonprint materials, 2d ed. (Daily): 387
——Personal computers for libraries (Falk): 391-92
——A practical guide to Dialog for library technical services: 262-63
——Reviews and reviewing (Walford, ed.): 388-89
——School library and media center acquisitions (Kemp): 260-61
——Small library cataloging (Hoffman): 260
——State Library of Victoria selection policy: 387
——Subject access to visual resources collections (Markey): 389-91

Bryant, Bonita: 95-96 (c): 111-22 Buxton, David T.: 262 (r)

Bunnell, William I.: (about) 110 Business materials: 207-13


Cannan, Judith P.: 110, 206

Cataloging: 260 (r)

"The cataloging half of cataloging and classification, 1986" 321-32

Circulation of library materials
——Automation: 249-55

——Bibliography: 334-54

Collection analysis: 207-13

Collection development
——Administration: 111-22, 123-34
——Bibliography: 287-305

"Collection development organizational patterns in ARL libraries" 123-34

Collection management
——Bibliography: 287-305

"Collection management, 1986" 287-305

COM catalogs, see Microform catalogs

Computers see also Microcomputers
——Library use: 12-23


Databases, see Online databases

Descriptive cataloging
——Bibliography: 321-32
——Library of Congress: 227-30

Dialog Information Services: 262-63 (r)

"The dichotomous collection" 207-13

Disasters: 88-94


Electronic publishing: 12-23


"Fifteen years of automation": 69-76

"Further thoughts on 'Selection for preservation' " (Child, Oct./Dec. 1986) 193 (c)

Futas, Elizabeth: 207-13


Gaudet, Jean Ann: 249-55

Graphic materials: 389-91 (r)


Hanscom, Martha: 388 (r)

Heinzkill, Richard: 95 (c)

Herz, Alexandra: 239-47

Hickey, Doralyn J.: (about) 192

Hill, Janet Swan: 321-32

Hinton, Frances: 192

Holdings statements: 24-34

Holley, Robert P.: 177-91

Horny, Karen L.
——Fifteen years of automation: 69-76
——New turns for a new century: 6-11

Hudson, Judith: 275-86


"Implementing a book repair and treatment program" 159-76

"In memoriam, Doralyn J. Hickey" 192

"Instructions to authors" 97

Intner, Sheila S.
——On falling from the tree: 205
——Welcoming an automation editor to LRTS' Editorial Board: 269-70
——"Meet Karen Muller: RTSD's New Executive Director" 271-72

"An investigation of public library participation in bibliographic networks" 35-59


Johnson, Peggy: 77-87

Juneja, Derry C.: 148-58


"A letter to our readers from the RTSD President" 206

Legal materials
——See Looseleaf publications

——Massachusetts-Boston: 239-47

Library of Congress. Office for Descriptive Cataloging Policy: 227-30

Library networks: 35-59, 262 (r)

"Library preservation in 1986" 365-85

Linkins, Germaine C.: 259-60 (r)

Looseleaf publications
——Cataloging: 257-59 (r)


Markey, Karen: 274; 334-54 (c)

Matthews, Fred W.: 88-94

Matthews, Joseph R.: 269-70 (about)

"Meet Karen Muller: RTSD's new Executive Director" 271-72

——Library use: 391-92 (r)

Microform catalogs: 77-87

Miksa, Francis: 334-54

Milevski, Robert J.: 159-76

Miller, Ruth H.: 60-68

Montori, Carla J.: 365-85

Muller, Karen: 247 (about); 271-72 (about)


Nainis, Linda: 159-76

"The new! the improved! standard for serials holdings statements": 24-34

"New turns for a new century": 6-11

——Cataloging and classification: 177-91

Niemeier, Martha W.: 60-68

Nonbook materials
——Cataloging: 387 (r)
——Cataloging-Bibliography: 356-63 Northwestern University. Library: 69-76


"The Office for Descriptive Cataloging Policy at the Library of Congress": 227-30

Olson, Nancy B., 356-63

"On falling from the tree" 205

O'Neill, Rosanna M.: 261-62 (r)

Online catalogs: 231-38, 261-62 (r)

Online databases: 262-63 (r)

"The organizational structure of collection development" 111-22


"Planning a COM catalog for the St. Paul Campus Libraries"' 77-87

Preservation of library materials: 159-76
——Bibliography: 365-85

Public libraries: 35-59


"Quality control in data conversion" 148-58


"The rise of Eurojournals" 215-24

Rosseel, Kevin: 215-24


Samuels, Helen W.: 193 (c)

Sanders, Thomas R.: 231-38

School libraries
——Acquisitions: 260-61 (r)
——Automation: 249-55

Schwartz, Candy: 262-63 (r)

Science materials
——Europe: 215-24

" 'Scientific illustration' in some Boston area libraries" 239-47, 274 (c)

"Selection for preservation" (Atkinson; Oct./Dec. 1986) 193 (c)

Serial publications: 259-60 (r)
——Administration: 135-47
——Bibliography: 306-20
——Europe: 215-24
——Holdings statements: 24-34

"The serials manager's obligation" 135-47

Sohn, Jeanne: 123-34

Sokol, Christina: 260 (r)

"Sorting a mountain of books" 88-94

Stankus, Tony
——The rise of Eurojournals: 215-24
——The year's work in serials, 1986: 306-20
——"Subject access literature, 1986" 334-54

Subject analysis
——Bibliography: 334-54
——Case studies: 239-47

"A survey of the literature on subject analysis for 1984-1985" (Dale and Wilson, July/Sept. 1986) 96 (c)

Svenonius, Elaine: 389-91 (r)

Swanson, Edward
——Index: 397-400
——The year's work in nonbook processing, 1986: 356-63


Tate, Elizabeth L.: 5, 109

In memoriam, Doralyn J. Hickey: 192

Technical services
——Future trends: 6-11
——Organization and administration: 69-76
——Research-Bibliography: 275-86

"Text and technology" 12-23

"Tribute to William A. Bunnell" 110

Tucker, Ben R.: 227-30

Turock, Betty J.: 35-59

Turock, David L.: 35-59

Tuttle, Marcia: 135-47


Uniform headings: 231-38

"Uniform title as author" 231-38

University of Minnesota. St. Paul Campus Library: 77-87

University of Utah. Marriott Library: 177-91

"The Utah Newspaper Project" 177-91


Van Orden, Phyllis: 260-61 (r)

"Vendor performance": 60-68

——Performance studies: 60-68

Vidor, David L.: 207-13

Visual materials
——Cataloging and classification: 389-91 (r)


Walker, Geraldine: 275-86

Weihs, Jean: 387 (r)

"Welcoming an automation editor to LRTS' Editorial Board" 269-70

Woody, Janet: 391-92(r)

Wortman, William A.: 287-305


"The year's work in nonbook processing, 1986" 356-63

"The year's work in serials, 1986" 306-20

"The year's work in technical services research, 1986" 275-86