LRTS Index

Volume 29, 1985

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  1. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  2. titles—or articles and of articles about which letters were published
  3. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals are identified by "(about)" ; letters are identified by " (c). "

Entries are arranged word by word following the "file-as-spelled" principle. Numbers are arranged before alphabetical characters; acronyms without internal punctuation are arranged as words.

Paging of Volume 29


Academic libraries: 139-45
——Texas: 309-27

Agnew, Grace: 343-59

Anglo-American cataloguing rules. 2d edition Chapter 9: 52-65

Area studies materials
——Cataloging: 174-79

Association for Higher Education of North Texas: 309-27

Atkinson, Ross W.: 394-95 (about)

Authority control

Automation: 195-205

Automation, Library
——China: 367-68

"Automation development at the National Library of China" 367-68

Avram, Henriette D.: 385-87

Ayrault, Margaret A.: 172-73


Bailey, Ella Jane: 369-83

Ball, Alice D.: 102

Bibliographic citations, see Citations, Bibliographic

Bibliography materials
——Cataloging: 369-83

Bills, Linda G: 161-71

Bishoff, Liz: 118-24

Boll, John J : 226-238

Boyer, Robert E.: 132-38

Branin, Joseph J.: 333-42


Card catalogs
——Expansion and compaction: 286-94

——Backlogs: 343-59
——Bibliography-History: 226-38
——Study and teaching-History: 239-47

Cataloging and Classification Section
——Annual report: 1984/85, 423-25

Catalogs, see also Card catalogs; Online catalogs

"Changing AACR2 to accommodate the cataloging of microcomputer software" 52-65

Child, Margaret S.: 94-101

Chinese language
——Romanization : 295-302

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Genealogical Library: 360-66

Citations, Bibliographic: 189-94

"Citations to conference papers and the implications for cataloging" 189-94

Classification in online catalogs: 34-51

Classification, Dewey decimal: 207-9

Classification, Library of Congress
——Class Z: 369-83

"Classification in area studies libraries" 174-79

Cockshutt, Margaret E.: 207-9

Collection development: 73-79

Collection evaluation: 309-27, 328-32, 333-42

"Compacting a large card catalog" 286-94

Conference publications
——Cataloging: 189-94

Cook, Jean G.: 432-34

Cooperation in Preservation Microfilming (Program: 1984): 80-101

Cooperative library projects, see also Microforms-Cooperative projects

Corporate name headings, see also Conference publications

Crossfield, Nancy L.: 73-79


Dale, Doris Cruger: 174-79

DeCandido, GraceAnne A.: 151-60

DeCandido, Robert: 151-60

Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee
——Annual report: 1983/84, 207-9

Dodd, Sue A.: 52-65

Dodson, Suzanne Cates: 428-30


East, John W.: 189-94

"Editing the RLG conspectus to analyze the OCLC archival tapes of seventeen Texas libraries" 309-27

"Enriching the library catalog record for subject access" 5-15, 210(c)


Farrell, David: 333-42

Fletcher, Marilyn P.: 395

"For the record" 207-9

Frazier, Kenneth L_: 73-79

"The frequency of personal name headings in the Indiana University Music Library card catalogs" 273-85

"From the editor's desk" 117

Frost, Carolyn O.: 195-205

"The future of cooperative preservation micro-filming" 94-101


Gwinn, Nancy E.: 80-86


Hammond, Jane L.: 103(c)

Harris, Carolyn: 425-28


"In memoriam, Marietta Daniels Shepard, 1913-1984" 102

"In memoriam, M. Ruth MacDonald, 1904-1984" 172-73

Indiana University. Music Library: 273-85

"Instructions to authors" 105-6


Joachim, Martin D.: 389-90

John, Nancy R.: 423-25


Kramer, Marilyn: 286-94


Landram, Christina: 343-59

Larson, Carole Allis: 369-83

Lawrence, Gary S.: 16-33

Lewis, Shirley: 145-50

Libraries, see also Academic libraries; Music libraries; Public libraries; Small libraries

Library cooperation, see also Microforms Cooperative projects

Library materials see also Area studies materials; Bibliography materials; Conference publications; Library science materials; Microcomputers-Software; Nonbook materials; Religious materials

Preservation, see Preservation of library materials

Library of Congress: 87-93

Library of Congress. Processing Services History: 248-63, 264-72

"The Library of Congress, a more-than-equal partner" 87-93

"The Library of Congress Z schedule" 369-83

"Lucia J. Rather" 385-87


MacDonald, M. Ruth: 172-73 (about)

"Making decisions about automation for small libraries" 161-71

"Managing technical services in the small library" 118-24

Mandel, Carol A.: 5-15

"Marcia Tuttle" 392-93

Markey, Karen: 34-51

Maruyama, Lenore S.: 103(c)

Maxwell, Margaret F.: 195-205, 239-47

Mayfield, David M.: 360-66

"Micro-preservation" 151-60

"Microcomputer use in collection development" 73-79

Microcomputers: 73-79
——Software-Cataloging: 52-65, 66-72

Microforms: 360-66
——Cooperative projects: 80-86, 87-93, 94-101

Mitchell, Joan S.: 66-72

"Monograph arrearages in research libraries" 343-59

" 'A most necessary discipline' " 239-47

Music libraries: 273-85

Myrick, William J.: 420-23


Name headings, see also Personal name headings

National Library of China: 367-68

"National Shelflist Count" 328-32

National Shelflist Count Project: 328-32, 333-42

"The National Shelflist Count Project" 333-42

"Network and vendor authority systems" 195-205

Nichol, W. Thomas: 180-88

Nisonger, Thomas E.: 309-27

Nonbook materials see also Microcomputers-Software
——Cataloging: 145-50

"Nonprint materials in the small library" 145-50


Online Catalog Evaluation Projects: 34-51

Online catalogs
——Searching: 16-33
——Subject access in: 5-15, 16-33, 34-51

Ortopan, LeRoy D.: 328-32


Palzer, William F.: 103 (c)

Papakhian, Arsen R.: 273-85

Pennington, Jerry: 125-31

Personal name headings: 273-85

Preservation of library materials: 151-60, 425-28
——Cooperative projects: 80-86, 87-93, 94-101

Preservation of Library Materials Section
——Annual report: 1984/85, 425-28

"Processing Services 1905" 248-63

"Processing Services 1985" 264-72

"Professional literature on cataloging-then and now" 226-38

Public libraries: 132-38

"Putting the Library's house in order and the country's cataloging in gear" 248-63


Rather, Lucia: 384-87 (about)

Religious materials Cataloging: 180-88

Reproduction of Library Materials Section Annual report: 1984/85, 428-30

Research Libraries Group
——Conspectus: 309-27

Resources and Technical Services Division Annual report: 1984/85, 430-32

Planning and Research Committee Membership survey, 399-419

President Annual report: 1984/85, 420-23

Resources Section
——Annual report: 1984/85, 430-32

Richards, Jane: 343-59

"The rise and fall and rise of cooperative projects" 80-86

Rodriguez, Robert D.: 210(c)

Ross, James E.: 295-302


Schenck, William Z.: 103 (c)

Serials control systems: 132-38, 139-44

"Serials in a small college library" 139-44

"Serials in the small public library" 132-38

Serials Section
——Annual report: 1984/85, 432-34

Shepard, Marietta Daniels: 102 (about)

Sheridan, John: 103-4(c)

Shipp, Ruth E.: 104(c)

Small libraries: 118-71

Smith, David A: 248-63

Smith, Laurie E.: 264-72

Stagg, Deborah Bolton: 139-44

State University of New York at Buffalo: 286-94

"Stephen E Wiberley, Jr." 389-90

Subject Access in the Online Catalog (Program: 1984): 5-51

"Subject access to microcomputer software" 66-72

Subject cataloging in online catalogs: 5-15

Subject headings, Catholic: 180-88

Subject headings, Library of Congress: 180-88

"Subject-searching experiences and needs of online catalog users" 34-51

Sun, Beixin: 367-68

Swindler, Luke: 104(c)

"System features for subject access in the online catalog" 16-33


Tate, Elizabeth L.: 104, 117, 225

Taylor, Arlene G.: 195-205

Technical services: 125-31
——Administration: 118-24
——Study and teaching-History: 239-47

"Technical services in the age of electronic in-formation" 264-72

"Then and now" 225

"Theological subject headings reconsidered" 180-88

Tiblin, Mariann: 333-42

"Transitional technology and the small library" 125-31

Tuttle, Marcia: 391-93 (about)


University of Wisconsin-Madison: 73-79

"Using micrographics technology to preserve and make accessible records of permanent value" 360-66


Vann, Sarah K.: 172-73

"Vietnamese-Chinese romanization" 295-301

Vietnamese language
——Romanization : 295-302


Welsch, Erwin, K.: 73-79

Welsh, William J.: 87-93

Wiberlcy, Stephen E., Jr : 388-90 (about)

Williams, Sally F.: 430-32

Wright, Jean Acker: 392-93