LRTS Index

Volume 28, 1984

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  1. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  2. titles—or articles and of articles about which letters were published
  3. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals are identified by "(about)" ; letters are identified by " (c). "

Entries are arranged word by word following the "file-as-spelled" principle. Numbers are arranged before alphabetical characters; acronyms without internal punctuation are arranged as words.

Paging of Volume 28


AACR, see Anglo-American cataloguing rules

Access points, see Corporate name headings

Acquisition of library materials
——Automation: 285-98

Aguilar, William: 175-84

Alldredge, Noreen S.: 380-81

Allerton Public Library: 175-84

"An Analysis of reviews and library holdings of small publishers' books" 4-14

Anderson, Dorothy: 360-62 (about)

Anderson, James D.: 383-84(c)

Anglo-American cataloguing rules. 2d ed.
——Chapter 24: 239-52

Artificial intelligence: 337-45

"Artificial intelligence and authority control" 337-45

Association of Research Libraries Microform Project: 214-15, 221

Atkinson, Ross: 109-19

Auld, Lawrence W.S.: 185-6 (c)

Austrian materials
——Bibliography: 325-36

Austrian National Library: 335-36

Authority control: 337-45
——see also Linked Systems Project

"Automating acquisitions: the planning process" 285-98

Aveney, Brian: 68-75


"Better dead than read" 346-59

Bibliographic records
——Conversion to machine-readable form-Costs: 149-62

Bibliographic records, Machine-readable Holdings records: 25-40

Bibliography, National
——Austria: 325-36
——India: 20-24

Bishoff, Lizbeth J.: 374-76, 363-64 (about)

"Book production quality, a librarian's view, or, The Self-destructing library" 15-19

Books and printed materials
——see also Small press publications
——Quality: 15-19
——Reviews: 4-14

Bracken, James K.: 120-28

Bross, Rex: 381-82

Brownrigg, Edwin: 59-67

Bruntjen, Scott: 299-307

Bryant, Bonita: 285-98

Bryant, Margaret S.: 276

Brynteson, Susan: 372-74

Buchanan, Sally: 376-78

"Budget justification" 129-35

Budgets: 129-35, 136-48

Burger, Robert H.: 337-45

Butler, Douglas J.: 149-62

Butler, Meredith: 41-58

Byrnes, Margaret M.: 378-80


Calhoun, John C.: 120-28

Card catalogs
——Use studies: 175-84, 253-62

Carter, Ruth C.: 299-307

"The Catalog of the Austrian National Library as a bibliographic resource for U.S. libraries" 325-36

——in school libraries and media centers: 268-75

Cataloging and Classification Section
——Annual report: 1983/84, 374-76

Catalogs, Card, see Card catalogs

Catalogs, Online, see Online catalogs

"The Citation as intertext" 109-19

Citations: 109-19

Classification, Dewey decimal: 187-90, 346-59

Classification, Universal decimal: 346-59

Cockshutt, Margaret E.: 187-90

Conference publications
——Cataloging: 308-14

Congresses, see Conference publications

"Considerations in the creation of a holdings record structure for an online catalog" 25-40

Cook, C. Donald: 239-52

Cooperative projects: 214-15

——Fair use: 230-31

Corporate name headings: 239-52

"A Cost model for retrospective conversion alternatives'' 149-62

Cronin, John W.: 90 (about)

Cullars, John: 4-14


Decimal classification, see Classification, Dewey decimal; Classification, Universal decimal

Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee
——Annual report: 1982/83, 187-90

Descriptive cataloging, see Corporate name headings; Minimal level cataloging

"Developments in micrographics, video technology, and `fair use,' 1983" 219-38

Dewey decimal classification, see Classification, Dewey decimal

"Dorothy Anderson" 361-62

Downing, Joel C.: 20-24

Drone, Jeanette M.: 253-62


East, Mona: 367-68

Electronic publishing: 59-67, 68-75, 76-89
——Bibliography: 41-58

"Electronic publishing and its impact on libraries" 41-58

"Electronic publishing and library technical services" 68-75

"Electronic publishing, libraries, and the survival of information" 76-89

Engle, Mary: 59-67


Fair use, see Copyright-Fair use

"For the record" 187-90

"Forecasting price increase needs for library materials" 136-48

Foskett, A.C.: 346-59

"From the editor's desk" 3


Gwinn, Nancy E.: 367-68 (about)


Harvard College. Library: 129-35

"Headings for corporate names: international standardization under AACR2" 239-52

Health science libraries
——Use studies: 263-67

Hewitt, Joe A.: 205-18

Hinton, Frances: 361-62

Hirshon, Arnold: 25-40


"IEEE conference publications in libraries" 308-24

"In memoriam: Bella E. Shachtman" 276

"In memoriam: John W. Cronin" 90

Indexes and indexing: 163-74, 383-84 (c)

Indian national bibliography: 20-24

"The Indian national bibliography, its present state and future prospects" 20-24

"Influence of the card catalog on circulation in a small public library" 175-84

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: 308-24

"Instructions to authors" 91-92

Intner, Sheila S.: 186 (c)

Is cataloging a passe skill in today's technological society?" 268-75


Jobbers, Library, see Library materials-Vendors

Johnson, Karl E.: 308-24

Journals, see Scholarly publications; Serial publications


Kaiser, Julius: 163-74, 383-84 (c)

"Kaiser's systematic indexing" 163-74, 383-84 (c)

Knox College. Library: 120-28


Lanier, Don: 365-66

Library cooperation, see Cooperative projects

Library jobbers, see Library materials-Vendors

Library materials
——see also Austrian materials; Books and printed materials; Conference publications; Machine-readable materials; Medical materials; Microforms; Music materials; Scholarly publications; Serial publications; Small press publications; Videodiscs
——Acquisition, see Acquisition of library materials
——Circulation: 175-84
——Prices: 129-35, 136-48
——Purchase, see Acquisition of library materials Reviews: 4-14
——Selection: 109-119
——Vendors-Performance evaluation: 120-28

Library networks: 206-7

Library of Congress subject headings, see Subject headings

Library of Congress Library vendors, see Library materials Vendors

Library wholesalers, see Library materials-Vendors

Linked Systems Project: 214

"Lizbeth J. Bishoff' 365-66

Louisiana State University. Medical Center. Library: p. 263-67

Lynch, Clifford: 59-67


Machine-readable bibliographic records, see Bibliographic records, Machine-readable

Machine-readable materials
——Cataloging: 185-86 (c), 186 (c)

Media centers, see School libraries and media centers

Medical libraries, see Health science libraries

Medical materials
——Use studies: 263-67

Microform equipment, see Microforms-Equipment

Microforms: 219-27
——Equipment: 225-27
——Standards: 225

Minimal level cataloging: 213-14

Morton, Walter W.: 263-67

Mosher, Paul H.: 15-19, 367-68 (about)

Music libraries: 253-62

Music materials
——Use studies: 253-62


Nadeski, Karen: 219-38

National bibliography, see Bibliography, National

National Inventory of Research Collections: 214-15

Neavill, Gordon B.: 76-89

Networks, see Library networks

Nonbook materials, see Machine-readable materials; Microforms; Music materials; Videodiscs


OCLC: 206-7

Online catalogs: 207-11
——Holding records in : 25-40

Optical disks, see Videodiscs

Osburn, Charles B.: 315-24

Owen, Willy: 325-36


Pennsylvania Union List of Serials: 299-307

Periodicals, see Serial publications

Peters, Stephen H.: 149-62

Pittsburgh Regional Library Center; 299-307

"Pittsburgh Regional Library Center Serials Cancellation Project" 299-307

"The Place of the journal in the scholarly communications system" 315-24

Pontius, Jack: 219-38

"Popular versus technical works in the medical library" 263-67

Preservation of Library Materials Section Annual report: 1983/84, 376-78

"Profiling vendor performance" 120-28

Public libraries: 175-84


Reproduction of Library Materials Section
——Annual report: 1983/84, 378-80

Resources and Technical Services Division
——Annual report: 1983/84, 372-82

Resources Section
——Annual report: 1983/84, 380-81

Retrospective conversion of bibliographic records, see Bibliographic records - Conversion to machine-readable form

Rodriguez, Robert D.: 163-74

"RTSD annual reports, 1983/84" 372-82

Rutledge, John: 325-36


Scholarly publications; 315-24

School libraries and media centers
——Nebraska: 268-75

"The Self-destructing library" 15-19

Serebnick, Judith: 4-14

Serial publications: 315-24
——see also Conference publications
——Cancellation of holdings: 299-307
——Collection development: 299-307
——Union lists: 299-307

Serials Section
——Annual report: 1983/84, 381-82

Shachtman, Bella E.: 276 (about)

Small press publications: 4-14

Smith, Dennis: 136-48

Subject cataloging: 163-74, 346-59,383-84 (c)

Subject headings, Library of Congress: 346-59

"Suggestions for the cataloging of machine readable materials" (Intner, Oct./Dec. 1983): 185-186 (c), 186 (c)

Swanson, Edward: 385-88


Tate, Elizabeth L.: 3, 90

"Technical services in 1983" 205-18

"Technical services in the age of electronic publishing" 59-67

——Costs: 215-16

Triangle Research Libraries Network: 25-40

Truett, Carol: 268-75


Union lists of serials, see Serial publications-Union lists

University of California: 136-48

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Music Library: 253-62

Use studies, see Card catalogs-Use studies; Medical materials-Use studies; Music materials-Use studies

"A Use study of the card catalogs in the University of Illinois Music Library" 253-62


Vendors, Library, see Library materials-Vendors

Videodiscs: 227-30


Wholesalers, Library, see Library materials-Vendors

Williams, Sally F-: 129-35