LRTS v 42, no. 2, April 1998

From ISBD(CF) to ISBD(ER): Process, Policy, and Provisions

Ann Sandberg-Fox and John D. Byrum

The International Standard Bibliographic Description for Computer Files (ISBD(CF)) has been revised recently to take account of rapid changes in this important medium. In addition to setting out the process by which the revision was accomplished and the policies incorporated in the International Standard Bibliographic Description for Electronic Resources (ISBD(ER)), we provide a detailed indication of the stipulations of the ISBD(ER). With the emergence of this international standard, the next step is for the agencies responsible for national cataloging codes to update their rules.

Public Libraries and Adult Fiction: Another Look at a Core List of "Classics"

Judith J. Senkevitch and James H. Sweetland

In this study, we examined the extent of change over a one-year period in the adult fiction titles must widely held by over 4,000 OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc member public libraries in order to clarify the degree of stability of a consensus list of most-held adult fiction. The study is part of a continuing research effort to contribute to the understanding of the nature of adult fiction collections in public libraries and to develop useful models to assist librarians in evaluating their adult fiction collections, Findings indicate that the most widely held adult fiction titles are recent, popular works that form a stable core from one year to the next; results also suggest that such a listing of widely held titles might be suitable as an evaluation tool in smaller public libraries. The implications of these findings are discussed and recommendations are made for further research.