LRTS v 35, no. 3, July 1991

Please, Sir, I Want Some More: A Review of the Literature of Acquisitions, 1990

Karen A. Schmidt

The literature of acquisitions for 1990 is reviewed. A highlight is the large number of articles concerning vendor interaction and serial service fees. A resurgence of interest in education for acquisitions librarians on an international level is evident. The literature of acquisitions demonstrates a continued growth in definition in all aspects of the profession.

Ours Should Be to Reason Why: Descriptive Cataloging Research in 1990

Jay H. Lambrecht

The descriptive cataloging literature of 1990 reveals a relatively settled discipline. A selection of articles and books on the theory and general practice of descriptive cataloging, the treatment of materials in special forms, automation, authority control, retrospective conversion, and the role of catalogers is reviewed. The literature suggests that researchers are answering questions related to how descriptive cataloging is performed, but few are asking why catalogers describe works as they do.

Crisis in Cataloging Revisited: The Year's Work in Subject Analysis, 1990

James Bradford Young

The integration of mainstream American library traditions of subject analysis with modern indexing and classification theory and their adaptation to an online environment are bringing about a revolution in the practice of subject analysis. The research literature published in 1990 in the following categories is examined: subject cataloging, classification, classification in online systems, subject access, indexing, the online environment, special materials, and special subjects. The literature gives evidence of a second crisis in cataloging, which will require a reconsideration of conceptual foundations.

Books Aren't Us? The Year's Work in Collection Development, 1990

David S. Sullivan

The literature of collection development in 1990 is selectively surveyed. Topics covered include general works on collection development; library materials budgets; serials and the economics of scholarly publishing; collection evaluation; cooperative arrangements; selection, deselection, housing, and preservation of library materials; staffing and organization; and the impact of nonbook formats on collection developers. Collection administration is moving into new partnerships with. systems librarians, academic computing specialists, and network planners as the library begins to become an address, not a place.

More Than Ten Years After: Identity and Direction in Library Preservation

Maralyn Jones


The Reproduction of Library Materials in 1990

Thomas A. Bourke

The reproduction of library materials literature of 1990 is reviewed. Issues include the activities of the Reproduction of Library Materials Section (RLMS). bibliographic control, copyright, electronic imaging, microforms in libraries, micrographics equipment, micro publishing, photocopiers and photocopying, preservation microfilming, standards, and technical production of microforms.

The Rise in Consumerism: The Year's Work in Serials, 1990

Jana Lonberger

Major issues and trends in serials management represented in the literature published during 1990 are examined. Topics covered include general works relating to serials management; discussions of the pricing crisis; publishing and scholarly communication; cancellation projects; technological developments and alternatives to print; claiming and replacement activities; acquisitions and collection development; cataloging and classification; and serials reference work. The 1990 serials literature reflects the profession's attempt to come to terms with the ongoing crisis brought on by spiraling price increases.