LRTS v 26, no. 3, July 1982

Preservation of Library Materials: 1981

Margaret M. Byrnes


Collection Development in 1981

Rose Mary Magrill


Descriptive Cataloging in 1981

Constance Rinehart

Last year's preoccupation with training programs and tools for use with a new catalog code has enabled countless institutions to proceed in 1981 with the implementation of the new rules. While libraries have shown continued enthusiasm for computer support of technical services procedures, some nagging and difficult questions remain.

Year's Work in Subject Analysis: 1981

Jennifer A. Younger

In the Twentieth Century, information is a valuable resource, and how it is made available is a topic of rapidly increasing significance. This review of that process is intended to be selective, not exhaustive, with attention given to the major trends in subject analysis.

The Year's Work in Serials: 1981

Benita M. Weber

A review of the activities relating to serials or serials librarianship in 1981 underscores the fact that just as in many other spheres of contemporary life, the world is evolving in a way that gives rise to innovative explorations, fresh approaches to old problems, and the realization that only cooperative ventures will move our professional specialization forward. Events in remote places, or events that appear to be unrelated to our specific concerns, eventually seem to exert an influence on our daily working lives. The joint messages of connection and cooperation were predominant during the past year in nearly all aspects of serials work, from continuing efforts at improved bibliographic control to the investigation and implementation of advanced technologies for provision of documents and services. In spite of gloomy predictions and complaints related to escalating serial prices, to problems with AACR2 for serials, or to the demise of traditionally organized serials departments, there was a general feeling of optimism and renewed energy for the ever-changing world of serials. The facets of that ever-changing world covered by this review relate to serials cataloging; standardization and automation developments; union listing projects; economics, resources, and document delivery systems; and organization of serials departments.

Micrographics, Reprography, and Graphic Communications in 1981

William Saffady and Rhoda Garoogian

This year's article reviews activities in the field of micrographics and reprography, broadly interpreted, as in past years, to include such video-oriented document recording and transmission devices and methodologies as videodiscs and facsimile. This review is not comprehensive, but rather attempts to highlight some of the most important product developments and publications of 1981.

Practical Microform Materials for Libraries: Silver, Diazo, Vesicular

Allen B. Veaner