LRTS v 21, no. 3, Summer 1977

Developments in Copying, Micrographics, and Graphic Communications, 1976

Paul A. Napier


Serials in 1976

John R. James


Resources in 1976

J. Michael Bruer


Year's Work in Cataloging and Classification: 1976

Paul D. Berrisford


Thesis Handling in University Libraries

Kelly Patterson and Martha Whittaker

Libraries of ninety universities granting doctorates were surveyed regarding binding, cataloging, classification, storage, and checking of format practices for theses and dissertations. On the basis of the findings and with consideration given to the processing time and potential use of these materials, it was decided that checking of content and format should be left to the graduate school and academic departments, with the library involved in checking archival qualities. Recommended processing practice involves full descriptive and subject cataloging, with author input on the latter point, and elimination of all but the most rudimentary classification.

A Cost Analysis of the Ohio College Library Center On-line Shared Cataloging System in the Ohio State University Libraries

Jchiko T. Morita and D. Kaye Gapen

A study of the costs of cataloging and associated processing tasks before and after the adoption of the Ohio College Library Center On-line Shared Cataloging System at the Ohio State University Libraries finds that an increase in production has been achieved. Unit costs have risen at a rate less than the general rate of inflation.