LRTS v 20, no. 4, Fall 1976

RTSD ... after Twenty Years ...

Margaret W. Ayrault and Sarah K. Vann

A brief review of the history of the Resources and Technical Services Division of the American Library Association from its founding in 1956 to the present is presented, with discussion of some of the persons and agencies responsible for the work of the division during its first twenty years. Lists of officers and of recipients of the Margaret Mann Citation and the Esther I. Piercy Award are appended.

Cataloging the School Media Center as a Specialized Collection

Lillian M. Wehmeyer

A school media center collection is highly specialized in its uses, as educators attempt to match materials to individualized needs of pupils. For this reason, the traditional model of the "small, general collection" is no longer viable. Six retrieval systems have been identified which attempt to analyze materials with respect to their instructional uses. However, a comprehensive cataloging system for adaptive education will not be developed until the expertise of library catalogers is applied to the task.

Unpublished Studies of Technical Service Time and Costs: A Supplement

Martha W. West and Barbara A. Baxter

The Technical Services Costs Committee of ALA/RTSD has sought to update the earlier bibliography of Tesovnik and DeHart on technical services time and cost studies (Library Resources & Technical Services 14:56-67 [Winter 1970]) by requesting citations from the fifty state libraries and from libraries where studies were known to have been done and by a search of the ERIC system as of May 1976.

Proposals for a Reclassification of Social and Clinical Psychology in the Library of Congress Classification

W. Grosvenor Pollard, III

A revision of the LC classification for social and clinical psychology is called for because (1) the schedule for social psychology is outdated and fails to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the subject; (2) much of the literature of social psychology is not provided for, necessitating the use of certain notations as "catch-all" numbers; and (3) clinical psychology is an applied field of psychology, not of psychiatry. Discussions of the scope, content, and developing trends of these branches of psychology are followed by proposals for a revision of the subclass for social psychology and a relocation of clinical psychology as a subsumed category under applied psychology.

Cooperative Steps toward a Library Network in Ontario

Gordon H. Wright

An automated library network should be designed to facilitate communication between producer and patron at an administrative cost politically viable. Library dogmatism over MARC, card catalogue utility, controlled thesaurus, and shared cataloguing has delayed rather than facilitated automated networks to help patrons. Reviewing progress in Ontario demonstrates in microcosm the nature of these issues and the need for reappraisal. In particular, the relationship between the University of Toronto system, the union files of the College Bibliocentre, and the Ontario Universities' Library Cooperative System indicates the need for a more flexible approach to data base management.

Non-SuDocs Classification: A New Procedure

Linda Siler-Regan, Charles R. McClure, and Nancy Etheredge

A review of the literature relating to classification schemes for documents other than that of the Superintendent of Documents is followed by a presentation of the details of the classification scheme created for the University of Texas at El Paso Library, a medium-sized academic library.