LRTS v 19, no. 2, Spring 1975

A Cataloger's Guide to AACR Chapter 6, Separately Published Monographs, 1974

D. Whitney Coe

The anticipated revision of chapter 6, "Separately Published Mono-graphs," of the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, North American Text has now been completed and published. While reflecting changes including the prescribed punctuation put forth in the International Standard Bibliographic Description (Monographs), this work also represents a considerable effort in rewriting and reorganizing former rules for descriptive cataloging. The cataloger needs to examine these changes carefully in preparation for applying the new rules consistently, an undertaking which this guide to the revised chapter 6 attempts to facilitate.

A Plan for Undergraduate Participation in Book Selection

Nancy Buckeye

Although the undergraduate library is seen as central to the college program, emphasis in collection building usually reflects faculty rather than student needs. But there is ample justification for undergraduate participation in book selection. An effective method to revise traditional priorities involves allocating monies to students for their own purchases. Methods of administering such a plan as well as the benefits accruing to both students and the library are discussed.

Purchasing Books from Publishers and Wholesalers

Ung Chon Kim

Book purchase requests for thirty-two titles were sent simultaneously to four different wholesalers and the publishers of the titles. The length of time required for each supplier to provide each of the thirty-two titles was recorded, as well as the charges to the library for each title. The efficiency of each supplier was evaluated from these data in terms of the number of days required to supply books and the percentage of the actual charge against the list price.

The ALA Duplicates Exchange Union A Study and Evaluation

Richard Eggleton

The American Library Association's Duplicates Exchange Union (DEU) has served American libraries for over three decades. A brief history of the DEU is presented, followed by the results of a questionnaire sent by the author to all DEU members. The questionnaire dealt with all aspects of DEU operation, and the analysis of responses highlights problems in the structure and operation of the union. Discussion of the problem is followed by recommendations for change.

The Impact of International Standardization on the Rules of Entry for Serials

Judith Proctor Cannan

The major provisions of the International Serials Data Systems and the International Standard Bibliographic Description for Serials are presented and related to present rules of entry for serials as detailed in the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules.

Midwinter Report of the RTSD Executive Secretary

Carol R. Kelm