LRTS v 18, no. 1, Winter 1974

Developing a National Foreign Newspaper Microfilming Program

John Y. Cole

In recent years, American research libraries have devoted an increasing amount of attention to the acquisition and microfilming of foreign newspapers. In addition to the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Foreign Newspaper Microfilm Project, large-scale microfilming programs have developed at the Library of Congress and several other research institutions. In 1972, in accordance with the recommendations of the ARL Foreign Newspaper Microfilm Committee, the Library of Congress expanded its foreign newspaper activities and assumed re¬sponsibility for coordinating a national foreign newspaper microfilming program. The author reviews cooperative endeavors in foreign newspaper microfilming from 1938 to the present and discusses the current efforts of the Library of Congress toward the development of a national program.

Cataloger's Camera Chaos

Robert C. Farris

A "cataloger's camera" to facilitate the reproduction of catalog card sets has been sought actively by librarians for more than two decades. The Council on Library Resources ascribed a high priority to research and development for such a device immediately after the establishment of the council in 1956. Many variations of equipment and procedures have been tried but never with complete success. Several of the latest library and commercial developments in the continuing quest for this elusive device are described briefly.

Standards Update: ANSI Committee Z39

Fred Blum

This article describes the organization, sponsorship, scope, and procedures of American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI), Committee Z39 on Library Work, Documentation, and Related Publishing Practices. This is done within the context of the activities of ANSI and of the other ANSI committees relevant to the library community. The article includes a list of Z39 subcommittees, with their fields of specialization and chairmen, a priced list of standards in print, a status report on standards in progress, and a list of the fifty-three member organizations of Z39.

1972 Microfilm Rate Indexes

Robert C. Sullivan


Approval Plans and Collection Development in Academic Libraries

G. Edward Evans and Claudia White Argyres

Interest in and use of approval plans has been very widespread. One interesting factor in the use of such plans is the absence of data demonstrating their effectiveness. This article reviews what librarians have said about approval plans, and reports on a study conducted to develop data with which to determine the effectiveness of approval plans. The findings of the study indicate that there may be a significant difference between the utility of the materials acquired through approval plans and the utility of those acquired by other methods.

An Explanation of Author Notations and Tables Used in Library of Congress Schedule for Chinese Literature

Sze-Tseng Wang

The first problem in using the Library of Congress (LC) classification schedule for Chinese literature is the lack of explanation of the procedures to be followed in classifying. With specific examples from the LC schedule and the National Union Catalog, the writer first discusses the construction of author notations for Chinese authors or works and then the application of special tables for Chinese literature.

Highlights of RTSD Activities During the 1974 Midwinter Meeting

Carol R. Kelm


ALA Dues Structure Change

Carol R. Kelm