LRTS v 14, no. 2, Spring 1970

Acquisitions in 1969

Ashby J. Fristoe and Rose E. Myers


The Year's Work in Cataloging-1969

Richard O. Pautzsch


Developments in Reproduction of Library Materials, 1969

Robert C. Sullivan


A Serials Synopsis: 1969

Mary Pound


The Processing Department of the Library of Congress in 1969

William J. Welsh


Foreign Blanket Orders: Precedent and Practice

Robert Wedgeworth

This investigation based upon a survey of twenty-six American and West European booksellers attempts to provide some basic information about foreign blanket orders. The characteristics of foreign blanket orders as well as the attitudes of the booksellers are summarized. Procedures regarding the handling of reprints and monographs-in-series are explored. A list of the participants in the survey is provided for reference.

State Libraries and Centralized Processing

F. William Summers

This study reviews the literature relating to processing centers which are operated or substantially funded by state library agencies to serve public libraries. The role of LSA and LSCA funds and the major problems affecting these centers are discussed. Some additional problem areas which appear to be developing are also identified.

Report of the Photocopying Costs in Libraries Committee

Robert C. Sullivan