LRTS v 12, no. 3, Summer 1968

MARC: The First Two Years

Henriette D. Avram


A Compendium of the MARC System

Theodore Edward Leach


Design Considerations for the MARC Magnetic Tape Formats

John F. Knapp


Special Characters and Diacritical Marks Used in Roman Alphabets

Lucia J. Rather


An Analysis of Bibliographic Data Conversion Costs

P. A. Simmons


The Preparation of MARC Bibliographic Data for Machine Input

Patricia E. Parker


Public Relations Programs of Public Libraries' Technical Services

Friedrich Karl-Heinz Brose

Public libraries can include their technical service departments in public relations programs. There are four different approaches: (1) guided tours of the technical service departments, (2) exhibitions on the processing of books, (3) publications describing the technical services, and (4) publicizing the technical processes of the library in local mass communication media, such as the newspaper and radio station.

Introduction to the Seventh Edition of Subject Headings Used in the Dictionary Catalogs of the Library of Congress

Robert R. Holmes

The automated printing techniques used to produce the seventh edition of the Library of Congress subject heading list and its supplements are described following a brief history of the printing of the first six editions of the list. Possible benefits accruing from the use of the new techniques are mentioned, and some of the problems yet to be solved are identified. Guidance in determining the date of publication of the eighth edition of the list and in establishing future patterns of frequency and cumulation for the supplements will be sought from users of the list.

Some Problems in Book Conservation

Paul N. Banks

Books are now categorized only as rare or non-rare; a "permanent research value" category is needed, as well as a binding standard based on non-destructive methods. Suggestions are made for less destructive binding; it will be more expensive, but will aid survival of the books. Several means of deacidifying deteriorating paper are under study. Non-archival lamination should be avoided for permanent materials. Criteria are listed for selection of a binder for rare books. Library schools seem to ignore book conservation; to avoid the eventual loss of virtually all books, a specialized profession is needed.

Criteria for Weeding of Collections

Marianne Cooper

Growing library collections have focused attention upon the need for selective storage and weeding of the materials. Certain objective measures for determining which items in a collection may be retired to storage are presented, and an example of the use of such measures at Columbia University is described. It is concluded that the criteria for weeding and storage must be selected on the basis of the goals of the institution in question and of the various patterns of use in different disciplines.

Catalog Entries for Primary Legal Sources

Werner B. Ellinger

The rules of the AACR for entering legislative enactments (constitutions, treaties, statutes, ordinances, rules of court) under conventional headings follow, with modifications, recommendations of the American Association of Law Libraries. These headings constitute a class of their own; individually, they should be viewed as integrated entities and not be explained in terms of their components, or as author headings with subheadings. Entries for court rules and the relationship between conventional ("category") headings and subject headings are also discussed.

A Review of the ASTM CODEN for Periodical Titles

Donald P. Hammer