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Task Force on the Review of ISBD Consolidated (July 2006 Draft)


World-Wide Review of ISBD, 2006 Consolidated Edition
Report: AAACR2/RDA and ISBD Consolidated

CC:DA/TF/ISBD Consolidated/1

July 26, 2006


The Task Force on the Review of ISBD Consolidated (July 2006 Draft) is charged with preparing a review of this draft document, for transmittal to the chair of CC:DA by Oct. 6, 2006, so that CC:DA’s response may be sent to the appropriate IFLA contact person by Oct. 15, 2006. The pertinent documents – cover memo and the draft – are available on the IFLA Cataloguing Section website.

The task force should use the cover memo, “Invitation to: World-Wide review of ISBD: International Standard Bibliographic Description 2006 consolidated edition,” as the guide for developing its report. In particular, the task force should look closely at “stipulations for those resources where the old ISBDs have not been revised, i.e. ISBD(PM) and ISBD(NBM)” and should not consider the stipulations for older monographic publications since ISBD(A) is in the revision process. If during the revision process the task force finds issues that may particularly impact rules in the current AACR2R and/or the upcoming RDA, those issues may be reported in an appendix to the report.

CC:DA/TF/ISBD Consolidated/2

July 26, 2006


Elizabeth Mangan, Chair
7700 Estero Blvd., #301
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931
home: (239) 463-9648

Rebecca Culbertson
University of California, San Diego
Catalog Dept., University Library
9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92093-0175
work: (858) 822-6415

Greta De Groat
Stanford University Libraries
Meyer Library, 3rd Floor
Stanford, CA 94305-6604
work: (650) 725-0267
fax: (650) 725-1120

Kathy Glennan
University of Maryland
2200 McKeldin Library
College Park, MD 20742
work: (301) 405-9331
fax: (410) 418-8844

Kristin Lindlan
Serials Services Division
University of Washington Libraries
PO Box 352900
Seattle, WA 98195-2900
work: (206) 543-4675
fax: (206) 685-8743

Helen F. Schmierer
Assistant Catalog Librarian
University of Illinois Chicago
801 South Morgan MC 234
Chicago, IL 60637-1502
Work: (312) 413-5920
e-mail: HFS@UIC.EDU

Paul J. Weiss
Head, Monographs Cataloging Division
Metadata Services Department
UCSD Libraries
9500 Gilman Dr. 0175K
La Jolla, CA, 92093
work: (858) 534-3537
fax: (858) 822-0349

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CC:DA/TF/ISBD Consolidated/3

October 12, 2006


The report is available in the following formats:

CC:DA/TF/ISBD Consolidated/4

October 24, 2006

Report: AACR2/RDA and ISBD Consolidated

The report is available in the following formats: