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Task Force to Review ISBD(CF)





The Task Force to Review ISBD (CF) is charged with reviewing the ISBD (CF): International Standard Bibliographic Description for Computer Files, 2nd edition, Draft for Worldwide Review, Recommended by the ISBD (CF) Review Group. (August 1995). A number of changes have been incorporated in the 2nd edition to accommodate new computer formats and technologies.

The Task Force should feel free to comment on both the details and the concepts outlined in the document. The Task Force should plan to present an interim report at the January CC:DA meeting. The final report should be delivered by April 1, 1996. The Task Group should make available (via the mail list), a draft document for CC:DA discussion several weeks prior to the Final Report.



Lynne Howarth, Chair
Glenn Patton
Cecilia Sercan
Patricia Vanderberg
Laurel Jizba, Consultant