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Task Force on Conference Proceedings II


Final Report

CC:DA/TF/Conf. Proc. II/1

September 19, 1997



The earlier Task Force on Conference Proceedings recommended two rule revision proposals in an attempt to make explicit the connection between 21.1B1 and 24.13A. The problem is in determining what constitutes a named conference. The Task Force attempted to come up with a way to provide more guidance. The approach they took was to pick several issues or problems and move the rules in a direction of providing more guidance. They proposed to expand the footnote to provide additional guidance on what constitutes a named conference.

Martha Yee noted that her written comments were in support of the Task Force recommendations but she hoped that they could go further. The Task Force tried to broaden the degree to which we consider things named. She advocated going even further. She made a list of examples of things that would still be considered to be unnamed using the LCRI. She looked at some of the names and wondered why they were still considered to be unnamed. She noted a trend for people who are putting on conferences not to realize the need to use words such as "meeting" in order to consider it named. She wondered how far we wanted to get out of synch with what is going on in the community putting conferences together. She suggested that catalogers might be splitting hairs too much. There was discussion about why the presence of a year was not considered sufficient to create a specific appellation. It was noted that materials that appear to be proceedings are often actually nothing more than collections of papers. Judging from the proposed definition of a conference, there would be no way to weed such publications out from conference proceedings.


The Task Force on Conference Proceedings II is charged with developing a proposal for a rule revision that addresses the issue of determining what constitutes a named conference. They should present an interim report at the 1998 Mid-Winter meeting and a final report at the 1998 Annual meeting.

CC:DA/TF/Conf. Proc. II/2

June 24, 1997


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CC:DA/TF/Conf. Proc. II/3

April 3, 1998

Final Report

Please note that the purpose of this document is to facilitate the work of the Committee and to provide a means for outreach to both library and non-library cataloging communities. This document is intended for the exclusive use of CC:DA and its cataloging constituencies, and is presented for discussion in the ongoing process of rule revision. Under no circumstances should the information here be copied or re-transmitted without prior consultation with the current Chair of CC:DA.

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