Task Force on Metadata

Conceptual Map of the Resource Description Landscape

The table below describes briefly the sources for metadata for various categories of materials over time.

Resource Category Before Computers Presently Future? Comments
books (monographs) card catalogs, book catalogs OPACs OPACs, links to ebooks Include online bookstores here?
periodicals/serials (indexed) card catalogs, book catalogs OPACs, CD-ROMs, websites, aggregators OPACs, aggregators
periodical articles analytics in card catalogs, printed indexes printed indexes, CD-ROMs, websites/databases, aggregators websites/databases
technical reports, dissertations, etc. card catalogs, book catalogs, printed indexes and abstracts printed indexes and abstracts, websites, databases websites/databases
archival collections card catalogs, book catalogs, finding aids OPACs, EAD/SGML files, websites/databases, finding aids OPACs, EAD/SGML files, websites/databases
government publications shipping lists, card catalogs, book catalogs OPACs, websites/databases, CD-ROMs, GILS databases OPACs, websites/databases, CD-ROMs
slide collections, image collections individual labels, card catalogs, book catalogs OPACs, card catalogs, book catalogs, CD-ROMs, websites/databases, thumbnails OPACs, CD-ROMs, websites/databases, thumbnails
pamphlets, vertical files, offprints card catalogs, book catalogs, temporary files OPACs, websites/databases websites/databases
maps lists, card catalogs, book catalogs OPACs, websites/databases, CD-ROMs OPACs, websites/databases
microform collections card catalogs, printed indexes CD-ROM, OPACs, printed indexes OPACs, printed indexes, websites/databases?
unindexed periodicals analytics in card catalog, local cardfiles websites/databases, CD-ROMs websites/databases
webpages did not exist OPACs, websites/databases websites/databases embedded metadata?
CD-ROM collections did not exist OPACs (collection level records only) OPACs, websites/databases May not survive
individual webdocuments did not exist OPACs OPACs

6/4/99 dih