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Program of Work, April – October 2005

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The purpose of these documents is to facilitate the work of the Committee and to provide a means for outreach to both library and non-library cataloging communities. The documents are intended for the exclusive use of CC:DA and its cataloging constituencies. Under no circumstances should the information here be copied or re-transmitted without prior consultation with the current Chair of CC:DA.

Date Action Item Action Taken
April 24-28 JSC Meeting in Chicago ———
May ??? Deadline for documents for ALA Annual Conference ———
June 13 Response to LC/1/Rev and AACR3/I/Editor follow-up/1 Done (5/13/2005): AACR3/I/Editor follow-up/1/ALA response
June 25 & 27 CC:DA Meetings at ALA Annual Conference ———
July 11 Proposals re: special rules in Chapter 21 due to CC:DA Call for proposals received (5/30/2005): 5JSC/Chair/5
July 25 ALA proposals re: special rules in Chapter 21 Done (7/25/2005): Chair/5/ALA follow-up
July 25 Response to LC/2 Done (7/26/2005): LC/2/ALA response
Aug. 1 New proposals for October JSC Meeting are due! ———
Aug. 1 Proposal on technical description of digital media Delayed; progress report due Sept. 12
Aug. 22 Report of the Task Force on the Review of DCRM(B) Done (8/22/2005): CC:DA/TF/DCRM(B)/3
Aug. 31 Comments on DCRM(B) are due Done (8/30/2005): CC:DA/Chair/2005-2006/1
Sept. 12 All Responses to proposals for the October JSC Meeting are due! ———
Sept. 12 Comments on LC proposals re: Terminology for music Done (9/9/2005): AACR3/I/LC response/ALA response
Sept. 12 Status report from the TF on Technical Description of Digital Media Done (9/9/2005): ALA/1
Sept. 12 Response to ACOC rep/1 on levels of description and access Done (9/12/2005): ACOC Rep/1/ALA response
Sept. 12 Response to proposals to simplify AACR2 Chapter 21 special rules Done (9/11/2005): Chair/5/Sec follow-up/ALA response
Sept. 12 Response to LC proposal for archival and manuscript resources Done (9/14/2005): LC/3/ALA response
Sept. 12 Response to LC proposal on musical format information Done (9/15/2005): LC/4/ALA response
Oct. 10-13 JSC Meeting in London, England ———
Oct. 23 Comments on Functional Requirements for Authority Records are due Document posted on IFLAnet; Task Force report distributed (10/19/2005)
Oct. 31 Report of the TF on Revision of “Cataloging Microform Sets”  
Dec. 2005-
Feb. 2006
Response to new draft of Part I of RDA  
Feb. 2006 ALA proposals re: special rules in Chapters 22-25  
June-Sept. 2006 Response to draft of Part II of RDA  
Dec. 2006-
Feb. 2007
Response to draft of Part III of RDA  

Rev. 10/19/05