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Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access

Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996
To: Multiple recipients of list ALA-CCDA <ALA-CCDA@UICVM.CC.UIC.EDU>
From: Catherine Gerhart <gerhart@U.WASHINGTON.EDU>
Subject: MARBI Discussion Paper no. 92

Following on the proposal passed last year in MARBI that allowed digital maps to be coded as maps rather than computer files, this discussion paper looks at coding all computer files based on content. The discussion of this will take place Sat. morning. My particular concern is whether is whether the rules need to keep up with the coding, or is it okay to code the primarily by content in the marc record but use rules based on physical format of the item. How is this going to effect the user of the rules? Are there training issues? How will this ultimately affect the broader discussion of the cardinal principle of AACR in the future? Take a look at the discussion paper and let me know if you have comments. Otherwise, we'll have a chance to address the issue at the MARBI report time.

Cathy Gerhart
MARBI Liaison to CC:DA

DISCUSSION PAPER NO. 92: Change in Definition of Computer File in Leader/06 (Type of record) in the USMARC Bibliographic Format