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CC:DA/MARBI Rep/2002/2

June 17, 2002

Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access

Report of the MARBI Representative to CC:DA
Annual Conference 2002

Provided below is a brief synopsis of the proposals and discussion papers to be considered by MARBI at ALA Annual, 2002 in Atlanta. The complete MARBI documentation, from which this information is excerpted, can be found on the web page for the MARC Advisory Committee:

Proposal No. 2001-10R: Definition of Additional Codes in Field 007/10 (Type of material) for Sound Recordings in the MARC 21 Bibliographic and Holdings Formats

Related MARBI Documents: 2001-10 (June 2001)

Source: Library of Congress

Summary: Proposes expanding field 007/10 to describe additional materials used in the manufacture of sound recordings.

MARBI Action Taken: Approved.

Proposal No. 2002-06R: Changes in Field 008 in the MARC 21 Holdings Format

Related MARBI Documents: 2002-06 (January 2002)

Source: College Center for Library Automation (CCLA)

Summary: Proposes additional codes in field 008/07 to identify methods of acquisition; renames field 008/08 to “Expected End Date.”

MARBI Action Taken: Approved.

Proposal No. 2002-10: Defining URI subfields in field 506 (Restrictions on Access Note) and field 540 (Terms Governing Use and Reproduction Note) in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format

Related MARBI Documents: 99-08 (May 1999); 2000-06 (January 2000)

Source: Prints & Photographs Division, Library of Congress; National Archives of Canada

Summary: Proposes adding $u to field 506 and field 540 in order to provide a direct link between bibliographic records and addressable electronic files containing current information concerning restrictions imposed on access, use and/or reproduction of materials described in the records.

MARBI Action Taken: Approved.

Proposal No. 2002-11: Repertoire Expansion in the Universal Character Set for Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics

Related MARBI Documents: 2002-DP06 (Jan. 2002)

Source: Canadian Committee on MARC

Summary: Proposes that, for records in UCS/Unicode only, the repertoire permitted in MARC 21 be expanded to include all characters from the Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics set.

MARBI Action Taken: Approved.

Proposal No. 2002-12: Coding for Publication Pattern at the First Level of Enumeration in MARC 21 Holdings Records

Related MARBI Documents: 2001-DP08 (June 2001)

Source: CONSER Task Force on Publication Patterns and Holdings

Summary: Proposal considers need to code publication pattern subfields $v (Numbering continuity), $u (Bibliographic units per next higher level) and $x (Calendar change) in fields 853-855 when only one level of enumeration is present.

MARBI Action Taken: Tabled; referred to the Committee to Study Serials Cataloging and the Committee to Study Serials Standards for review.

Proposal No. 2002-13: Changes for Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST) Subject Headings

Related MARBI Documents: 2002-DP03 (Jan. 2002)

Source: OCLC, Library of Congress

Summary: Presents changes needed to accommodate the scheme for FAST subject headings as conceptualized by OCLC in the MARC 21 format.

MARBI Action Taken: Approved with changes to the leader/05 codes.

Proposal No. 2002-14: Changes for UKMARC Format Alignment

Related MARBI Documents: 2002-DP07 (Jan. 2002)

Source: British Library, National Library of Canada, Library of Congress

Summary: Presents the changes that the UKMARC users have suggested be made to MARC 21 to facilitate alignment of the formats.

MARBI Action Taken: 14/1 - 14/8, 14/10 approved with minor changes; 14/9 referred back to the British Library for further refinement.

Proposal No. 2002-15: Defining field 065 (Other Classification Number) in the MARC 21 Authority Format

Related MARBI Documents: None

Source: Russian State Library

Summary: Proposes adding field 065 (Other Classification Number) to MARC 21 Authority Format in order to be able to record classification numbers that come from schemes not accommodated in the other classification number fields in authority records.

MARBI Action Taken: Approved.

Discussion Papers (No MARBI Action Taken):

Discussion Paper 2002-DP08: Dealing with FRBR Expressions in MARC 21

Source: Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR, Format Variation Working Group

Summary: Describes the work of the JSC’s Format Variation Working Group to facilitate expression-level collocation in online systems and discusses possible approaches to achieving this collocation using the MARC 21 Holdings, Bibliographic and Authority Formats.

Mark R. Watson,
MARBI Representative to CC:DA