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CC:DA/MARBI Rep/2000/2

July 5, 2000

Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access

Report of the MARBI Representative to CC:DA
Annual Conference 2000

Provided below is a brief synopsis of the proposals and discussion papers to be considered by MARBI at ALA Annual, 2000 in Chicago. The complete MARBI documentation, from which this information is excerpted, can be found on the web page for the MARC Advisory Committee:

Discussion Paper No. 119: Seriality and MARC 21

Related MARBI Documents: DP 114 (June 1999)

Source: CONSER Program, Library of Congress

Summary: Presents five areas of MARC 21 that could potentially be affected by the introduction of seriality-related changes to AACR2R.

MARBI Action Taken: Discussed; definite movement towards agreement on needed changes, especially the definition of a new bibliographic level code in leader byte 007: code i for integrating resources.

Proposal No. 2000-01R: Definition of Subfield $z (Numbering Scheme) in Fields 853-855 (Captions and Patterns) of the Holdings Format

Source: Library of Congress, CONSER Publication Pattern Task Force

Summary: Proposes the adoption of a new subfield in fields 853-855 of the holdings format to assist in characterizing the attributes of enumeration levels. Coded values will indicate how the numbering scheme is expressed (e.g., alphabetic or numerics, upper, lower, or no case, script used or type of numeral).

MARBI Action Taken: Approved as amended in order to provide coding for symbolic numbering (i.e., *** or other special characters)

Proposal No. 2000-09: Changes to fields 052 and 058 in the Community Information Format

Related MARBI Documents: 96-06 (December 1995); 98-14 (May 1998)

Source: MARC Advisory Committee

Summary: Suggests defining the first indicator position and adding subfield $d (Populated place name) and subfield $2 (Source of code) to field 052 (Geographic Classification Code) in the Community Information Format and making field 058 (Other Geographic Classification Code) obsolete. Changes would align field 052 in the CI with field 052 in the Bibliographic format.

MARBI Action Taken: Approved.

Proposal No. 2000-07: Definition of Subfield $y (Link text) in Field 845 in all Formats

Related MARBI Documents: None

Source: Florida Center for Library Automation

Summary: Proposes addition of subfield $y in field 856 to record link text to be used in an online display instead of the URL.

MARBI Action Taken: Approved.

Proposal No. 2000-08: Definition of Additional Subfields in field 754 (Added Entry—Taxonomic Identification) in the Bibliographic format

Related MARBI Documents: None

Source: Florida Center for Library Automation

Summary: Proposes addition of subfields to field 754 to provide different levels of hierarchy to record taxonomic identification. This would be used instead of repeating subfield $a, if desired.

MARBI Action Taken: Not approved; proposal exploring 654 faceted-type approach will be brought back for consideration.

Mark R. Watson,
MARBI Representative to CC:DA